That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Brandon from Pre-K was my very first crush. He seemed to like me too, but then when we were going into first grade he moved away. 

In kindergarten, I liked a boy named Graham. He liked me too and he was the first person I ever called my boyfriend. It's funny because a year ago I bought a pair of shoes from him at the Sketchers store and then ran into him once at my college. I haven't seen him since. 

In first and second grade I liked a boy named Edward, third grade was Ivan, fourth was Jesus, and fifth was Angel. These three boys and the two I liked in middle school (Evan and Ryan) never liked me back. They all said that I was "weird." At the time, I didn't know what made me weird like they said. Now I do, but I'll talk about that in the next chapter.

High school is when boys got more interesting. My freshman year I really liked a guy named Jon. He was a junior so he was two years ahead of me. I thought I would never have a shot with him because of the gap. We were in Romeo and Juliet together as Lord and Lady Capulet and we got really close. We even went sledding together one day. 

Our mutuals kept telling me he liked me and he was gonna ask me out. But it got to be a while and he never did. So I decided I would ask him instead. I ask him and he says no. I was shocked. He really liked me according to our "friends" and when I ask him out he says no?! It's something I still haven't figured out and probably never will. We are no longer are in contact with each other. 

My freshman year I also met a guy named Alexander (Xander, Luis' younger brother) and we're the same grade. We met towards the end of the year during the spring musical. He was in the pit orchestra. I tried to find out if he liked me for two years with no luck. He always gave me mixed signals. Either way, even though we weren't dating I knew that some part of me loved him. My sophomore year, there were no new crushes so that year was all about him too.

Junior year was still partly about him, but it was this year that I found out Moises (Gerson's older brother) really wanted to get his ex girlfriend Kristina back. I really wanted to get Xander's attention. Honestly, I didn't like him in that way. But it had been seventeen years and I hadn't gotten a single boyfriend yet, and he was proposing that we pretend to date to get our people to come around. 

So I decided to agree to go out with him so I could finally say I was taken and hopefully get Xander out of it. It wasn't too long after we started "dating" that I found out from an acquaintance Mackenzie that she saw him and Kristina holding hands in the band hallway after school. I confronted him asking him what the hell was going on. I needed him to be careful cause I needed to still get Xander's attention.

He got caught with her again so we "broke up." He and Kristina didn't get together again, instead he admitted to liking me. Again, I didn't like him that way but I wanted to try and get that stupid boy so I agreed to really go out with him. Plus he wouldn't stop begging me to give him a chance so I figured, why not?  

But that only lasted for a week. I just couldn't do it. There was nothing there. No chemistry or spark. So I was back to square one for a while. Xander still hadn't come around and I thought all hope was lost. Then I remembered the boy I took a little interest in before that school year even started.

You may recall from my friends part 1 chapter, a guy named Evan that I met the summer before my junior year. I met him through marching band camp, he was a freshman. It was mine and Jon's situation reversed. Still, I was attracted to him from the off. I was still pursuing Xander and fake/real dating Moises so I put that little crush at bay. Honestly, I could write a whole chapter about him. Instead, I'll put the kind of story that I wrote about us that I titled Us: Then and Now, right here:

It all started towards the end of summer 2011, the summer before my junior year of high school. It was August and I was in marching band camp. It was during this camp that I saw him for the first time. I had never seen him before and I wanted to know him. I thought that he was really cute and even when I found out he was only a freshman I didn't care. I didn't do anything about it, because at the time I had a big crush on someone else. But regardless, even then, he was always somewhere in the back of my mind. 

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