The Only goddamn chapter in this story

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In a galaxy far, far away called Sweden, there was a man named Felix or (as his friends called him) PPPPPEEEEEWWWWWDDDDDIIIIIEEEEEPPPPPIIIIIEEEEE. His friends, Cry and Markiplier, were visiting Felix for the entire month of January (because in America, it is cold as shit and no one wants to be there). One fateful day, as the merry trio were sipping their Mountain Dews (because they were so mLg pro 360 no scopers) Cry had an AMAZING idea on what they all could do that day.  “Hey guys,” Cry said after putting his Mountain Dew on the table, “I have an AMAzing idea on what we could do today.” “Cry,” Markiplier said, “the last ‘AMAZING’ idea you had got me AIDS from some random Asian hooker and got Felix those stripper classes.” “What’s wrong with stripper classes,” Felix said. “This time I promise you it will be AMAZING,” Cry said with excitement, “Let’s go to the moon!” “Cry,” Felix said as he was face palming, “How high are you right now?” “C’mon I know a guy who could get us to the moon before NASA evens finds out we were there,” Cry said now with a begging tone to his voice. “Ok,” Markiplier said, “but if NASA finds us I’m blaming this all on you.” A couple of hours later, the merry trio were all on the moon with only minor injuries because Cry’s friend also doubles as a drug dealer. “Well,” Felix said, “we’re here.” “What do we do now,” Markiplier said a little happy that they are on the moon. “Hang out with us,” someone said in the distance. Felix turned around to see two shadowy figures come closer and closer to them. As they was getting closer, Felix was beginning to recognize the shadowy figures. When they were finally visible, Felix screamed, “Oh fuck.” The two shadowy figures were The Bro and Falcon Lover. “Hey,” Falcon Lover said. The Bro was a little happy to see his only friend again. “What are you two doing here,” Felix said a little worried that something bad was going to happen. “I escaped the fields of Africa to ask you if you could do a little something for me,” Falcon Lover said with a little grin on his face. “I’ll give you anything just please don’t hurt me,” Felix said now more worried. “I want all of your subscribers and the bro wants Stephano as his friend,” Falcon Lover said now with a devilish tone. “Fuck that shit,” Felix said, “c’mon guys let’s go.” “But we just got here,” Cry said with the look of disappointment.” “Well you won’t be staying here for long,” a voice said behind them. 5 Hours later, the trio ended up in jail because apparently you can trespass on the moon. “Those stripper classes are looking really good right now,” Felix said to Cry. In conclusion, never listen to Cry because he has very shitty ideas and you will end up in jail somehow.

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