Living With Internet; part 7

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Authors Note: (lol sorry)
So lately I've read 5 phanfics completely in the past week for inspiration and someone needs to stop me. But I have developed what I hope will be a good story board for this, with some drama and such 😉 in the next few chapters you will get to see some development in Dan and Phil's relationship as well as major plot development so look forward to that!
I'll stop talking now sorry..

Phil's POV:

It's been a few days since me and Dan visited Lily for the first time. Yesterday the hospital called with some fairly odd, but good, news. Apparently our visit had dramatically affected her health conditions, she was more willing to eat, her amnesia is gone, and all pain has decreased. Her doctor asked us to now visit regularly and me and Dan are getting ready to leave for a morning visit.

"Phil?" Dan yells from the bathroom. "Where are my straightners?" "Dan you don't need them, your hobbit hair looks fine without being straightened" I laugh. Personally he looks great with anything done but-

Did I just say Dan looks great? That's the third time this week weird thoughts have been happening to me, ones that make me consider something.. No. It can't be.

Dan huffs out of the bathroom, ruffling his un- straightened hair in frustration and grabbing his coat. "I look like a homeless person" he grumbles as we wave down a taxi and I roll my eyes at him. "You look fine Dan, really, I mean you always look good." He smirks at what I said and I blush. "I-I mean.. nevermind" I mumble, staring at my shoes.

I have to stop saying things like that. He'll get suspicious that I'm- no. I'm not. You have to stop thinking that Phil!

We enter Lily's room and her face lights up immediately as we walk in. She chuckles at Dan's hair and he blushes this time, mumbling something. "It's curly, like my hair" she says, smiling, obviously pleased by the comparison. I stand up to ask Dan if he wants coffee before taking a quick trip to the cafeteria. I have to be on my own for a moment, to think.

Dan's POV:

I inch my chair closer to Lily as Phil leaves and she looks at me, a bit strangely. "Hey Dan?" She asks, studying my face. "Is there something you're hiding?" She looks generally curious and I try not to blush.

How does she know I'm hiding something?

I take a deep breath to steady my voice but it doesn't work and my words come out high pitched and shaky. "No" I answer simply. "Yes you are Dan. You've visited several times and every time I see the same look on your face, it only changes when you look at Phil. So spill."

I stare at her, dumbfounded that she picked up on anything, before I swallow hard and take a deep breath. "Okay" I answer and she sits up, edging closer to me. "If I tell you this, can you promise not to tell anyone? Especially Phil?" She nods fast, edging even closer. "Alright then. I-I think I'm, in love" I take a breath. "With Phil." I exhale and wait for the look of disgust on her face, but it doesn't appear. She just smiles and leans back again. "I knew it." she whispers and I roll my eyes at her. "But seriously, no telling, okay?" She sticks out her pinky. "Pinky promise. I won't tell." "Won't tell what?" Phil's voice comes from behind and we both jump. "Nothing" Lily smiles, winking at me. I sigh, smiling as well and try not to stare into Phil's eyes for too long as I accept my coffee from his hand. It takes everything I have not to lace my fingers through his.

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