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Bellamy carried Clarke to the drop ship as Octavia ran ahead and got the table ready. Once inside, I placed Clarke on the table and stepped back as Octavia got all the equipment she needed. Clarke had taught Octavia how to perform a minor surgery.

Octavia stood to the side of Clarke and grabbed a small knife, put her hands on Clarke's waist, and took a deep breath. Clarke was still unconscious when Octavia started cutting the skin next to the metal object. Octavia had cut a line in Clarke's side and put the knife down, she looked at Bellamy, before turning back to Clarke. Then she put her fingers in the cut she had just made, Bellamy cringed, but jumped when Clarke opened her eyes and screamed.

"Bellamy hold her down!" Octavia ordered.

Bellamy ran up to Clarke and held her down as Octavia put her fingers in Clarke's side and grabbed the metal object and started pulling it out. Clarke screamed and thrashed about and tears started falling. Bellamy hated to see Clarke like that but he knew it was best. Octavia pulled the knife out and placed it on the side, before grabbing a bigger knife. She ran outside and came back minutes later with the knife glowing red.

Octavia grabbed Clarke's side and placed the knife on her wound. Clarke screamed and thrashed more as more tears streamed down her face. Bellamy looked away until Clarke's screamed stopped. He turned back and let go as Octavia grabbed some bandages. Clarke was crying quietly, he was about to walk away when she grabbed his hand.

"Stay. Please?" Clarke croaked.

Bellamy smiled a sad smile. "Of course, princess."

Octavia wrapped Clarke's side before leaving to sleep. Clarke had fallen asleep so Bellamy decided to head back to his tent for a moment. Once inside he lay on the bed, thinking and before he knew it, he had fallen asleep. Bellamy woke to Jasper calling him. He sat up as Jasper burst through the tent door.

"Bellamy. There's. A. Problem. With. Clarke." Jasper said between breaths.

Bellamy jumped up and ran towards the drop ship. When he entered Octavia was standing next to Clarke who was shaking.

"Bellamy I don't know what's wrong with her. Its not a fever and I don't know." Octavia told him stressed.

"Maybe Ryan knows what's wrong." Bellamy suggested.

"Ill go get him." Jasper said running out he drop ship.

Octavia walked up to Bellamy. "She'll be alright big bro."

A few minutes later Ryan came running in with Jasper on his heals. Jasper looked like he was about to pass out. Ryan ran up to Clarke and felt her Symptoms before grabbing the knife that was inside of her. He liked, everyone cringed, before he spat it out. He looked towards the 3 with a worried, sad and angry expression.

"It's not fever." Ryan told them. "It's poison."

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