Settling at home. Welcome back!

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*they day Piper comes home*

*Ben and Danny are at the hospital*

Ben: have you got everything Pipe?
Piper: yup! Everything is in my bag.
Danny: you sure babe *looking on her table*
Piper: what?
Ben: look what Danny finally got!?
*Piper stares at the table. Not noticing the small black velvet box*
Piper: what....?
*she noticed the ring box. But gave no reaction to it.*
Ben: I'll put your bags in the car.
*Ben walks out looking at Danny*
Danny: *cough cough*
He grabs the box and goes on one knee.

Danny: ugh Piper?
She looks up from her phone. She was looking at all the tweets people
Sent her. When she was in hospital AA was growing bigger than she last heard. Fans where sending in tweets saying
" Hope you're better Piper! My love goes to you and all who else suffered from this tragic roller coaster ride"and stuff like that.
Piper: yes Danny? What's up?
Danny: I wanna do this properly now.
She looks down. Realising Danny was on one knee.
Piper: oh gosh
Danny: Piper Louise Bruce will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?
Piper: yes!
He puts the ring on Pipers finger.
Danny: I know it's not much but I'll get a better one soon.
Piper: no Danny. It's beautiful. I don't need expensive engagement rings to prove to me you want to marry me and that you love me. I wouldn't of cared if it was a sweetie that was a ring. The ring you gave me is perfect. Thank you

Danny: oh wow Piper. I should say thank you for given me a chance. Giving me something that makes me happy. You let me be me around you and that your not judgemental. I want to say thank you for giving me a happy life.

They kiss passionately. Again. Ben walks in

Ben: alright love bird come on! The cab is waiting!

Piper wasn't walking well at this
Point. Her muscles where weak so she got put on the wheel chair. Danny and Ben helped out with getting her into the chair. They got strapped in and off home. Back to the Bruce's.

*mean while at home*

Mum and Dad where getting a side chair for Piper to get her up and down the stairs. They placed crutches in her room so that she can get to the chair or anywhere else upstairs. Her wheelchair was going to be at the bottom.

After all that. There was a knock at the door.
Mother: Marilyn? What's going on?
Marilyn: is Ben about? I need to talk to him?
Mother: and why would he want to talk to you? After all you wished his twin sister was dead?
Marilyn: is here or not old bag!?

Ben texted his mum saying
Ben: 20 minutes away. You got things out as planned?
Her reply was
Mother: yes Ben. Chocolate cakes out and not only are we eating cake but we as a family are going to show our home movies. For both of yours sakes. You both have been going through shit times. I think we all need to calm down and have a laugh. Oh BTW ( that's what you teens use!) your band is coming over to help. And your manager called asking when you lot are going to leave to the US x
Ben: mum. Don't even start with the slang shit. And ok tell the lads I say thanks and wow mum. That's gonna be great but would it be
Too much for Piper? After all she's had her head split open. She's lucky to even remember us lot.
Tell the manager we will be leaving in around about next January. Gives us all time to tell people and for Pipe to get better x
Mother: okay doekey chicken x
Ben: #stopmother
Mother: #how #the #fuck #does #these #hashy #things #work #ben ?

He couldn't reply. He was to busy pissing himself. Poor mum trying to fit in with the kids. Oh god.

*at the door*
Ben: Danny is she asleep?
Danny: yeah haha
Ben: wake her up then tubs
Danny: Pipe. Wake up babe. Time to go home.
Piper: nnnnno Danny. I sleeep here. I'm tired. She mumbles
Danny: please babe. You need to see your family. Babe please

Danny and Ben get her out of the car. Danny took her out of the wheel chair. And carries her like bridle style.
Danny: that will happen one day
Piper: what?
Danny: me carrying you like this haha
Piper: oh yeah ahah alright then

Ben knocked on the door.
Ben: mum. Calm down

Ben walks in. He see looks up to see the band in like smart but casual clothing. the room covered in balloons and a massive banner Saying "Welcome Back Twins!"
Bens eyes started to tear up. He put the wheel chair down by one of the sofas. Danny walked in slyly. Put down Piper down gently on the wheelchair. He was waiting for people to notice. They didn't notice at all really. Piper's mum walked into the kitchen. Came back out with chocolate cake with Piper's name on it saying "Welcome Home Chick! Love from your family xo" with several candles light and everyone turned to Piper. All Piper could do was hide back her tears and smile. She loved her family but she hates being the centre of attention.

Pipers POV:

Everyone was smiling, staring right at me. All i could do was smile. When really i wanted to leave. I causes so much shit already that i don't want to be around the people i love but also hurt. I don't and can't be around Danny after whats been going on. I don't want to be that cow who gets up and leaves. I think i need to just stay calm and settle down........right?

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