It All Started

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I just woke up and I can tell you this, I'm more excited than a girl getting off of her period.! Why do you ask.?? Because Charlie, and myself are going to get Charlie's second tattoo and my sixth. Then later tonight we start our first job together. We work at a female strip club. Hey it was my idea. Oh yeah, The two of us are gay and have been best friends since elementary school.
Anyways, Hi I'm Danielle but my friends call me Danni. I'm 18. A lesbian. I short blonde hair sort of like a skater boy. I have green eyes and 6 piercings and 5 tattoos. My piercings consist of, Snakebites, My tongue, My eyebrow, And both my nipples. No none of them hurt because my pain tolerance is through the roof. My tattoos consist of, My Uncle's name with his birth and death date, an eagle above his name, I have a butterfly on my wrist, a naked mermaid on my right leg, and a tribal symbol on my bicep. I drive a black with white racing stripes SS Camaro. Eh that's pretty much it. Anyways I better go call Charlie.


*Phone rings* "Well it's a good thing I woke up an hour ago." *looks at phone then answers it* "hey Danni what's up.!?" I ask. "Nothing, just asking you if you're ready because I'm on my way" she replies sounding happier than usual. "yeah I'm ready, I'll be outside" I hang up the phone and grab my wallet and my Luke Hemmings bag then walk out the door.

Hey, I'm Charlie. I'm 20 years young. I have short black hair almost at a pixie cut. I have grey eyes that look blue at a certain angle. I have 1 tattoo and that's my horseshoe on my upper arm that I got when I was 19. I'm obsessed with Luke Hemmings and would do anything for that man. In case you haven't guessed yet, yeah I'm gay. I don't have my license so I ride with Danni.

All of a sudden I hear Tegan and Sarah's song closer, blaring outside of a black camaro. I just smile and shake my head as it pulls next to the curb. Yup that's Danni. I get into her car and look at her then yell "IS THIS YOUR NEW CAR.!?!?" She just smiles and nods then peels out of in front of my house and starts to drive to her dad's shop. "Are we going to get something to eat first.?" I ask. She looks at me confused and is about to say something but I explain why before she does. "Hey, I'm hungry, don't judge me" She looks at me like I'm an idiot. "Pleeeeeeease Danni" she shrugs and flips a bitch driving to our destination.

(Alright Readers.. Short I Know But I Jus Wanted To Get Thee Gist Of Thee Two Characters.(: Thee Next Chapters Will Be Longer I Promise.!) -Naddy

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