I hope everybody had a lovely new year and are feeling the utmost ambitious for 2015. I've decided to write a spin off to Love At First Roll which will focus on Kai Luxton and Sierra Hylton. I am so excited to write this, mostly because I couldn't bare to leave the story and the old characters behind. All of the main characters from Love At First Roll will be in this book so you can still enjoy the tactics of the girls and their toy boy's. I am going to try my hardest to keep this PG-13, so Wattpad doesn't list it as restricted again but sorry in advance. 



The Oblivious Fact of Reality - 

Being the children of the two most famous couples in London, Kai Luxton and Sierra Hylton have always been together. Since Kai first saw Sierra at the age of five, he had his sights set on her. He was the popular guy with every girl falling over him but that didn’t matter. Because she wasn’t one of those girls and he didn’t want to ruin the little friendship they did have. Even if it was hidden in the shadows. Knowing his reputation was on the line, he tried to stay away but when love’s involved that’s not always possible. 

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