Chapter 11: Starting Again

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Author's Note: Gosh I have SO many ideas for this story!! I just really LOVE writing this and the fact that it's already close to two thousand views is remarkable considering the time Smile has been up! Also this might be the last chapter but comment if you think I should continue or not I'm not sure if I'll just end it here so please tell me what you think. Thanks again my fallen angels! Now let's cry together for Makoto T.T

Haru was shocked. Why? He caught himself wondering.

"Makoto, why did your parents hit you?" Haru tried his best not to get angry. Seeing Makoto in such a state hurt him.

**Was it my fault?**

"They were yelling at me for sneaking out. They also yelled at me for being with you and liking guys. I was tired of it. I just couldn't let them go on and on about how your a bad influence and how 'Gay Is wrong!' and about how 'disappointed' and 'disgusted' they were. So I yelled back at them. I told them they were wrong, that they couldn't tell me not to be the way I am. I talked back to them and my dad hit me. He meant to hit my head but I turned, so I got this." Makoto pointed to his black eye.

"I'm sorry Makoto."

"It's not your fault Haru." Makoto smiled at Haru.

**How can you manage to smile when your parents say all this? When they're disgusted when all you wanted to do was make them proud? How can you still care about me when I killed Kisumi? You're so strange Makoto.**

All of a sudden the two heard sobs from their blonde friend, Nagisa.

"Makoto I'm so sorry!! I was about to get you when your parents showed up at my door asking where you were. They made me tell them!!! I'm so so sorry!!" Nagisa hitched, sniffling.

"Nagisa it's okay. I know you're sorry and I know it's not your fault. I am the one who snuck out anyway." Makoto smiled reassuringly at Nagisa. Nagisa wiped away his tears as he looked at the brunette. He hugged Makoto when he saw his black eye. It was horrible to see the brunette in such a state. He was always nice to everyone, never was he cruel, mean, or inconsiderate. Makoto was probably the sweetest boy anyone could ever meet. This was too much, Makoto didn't deserve this.

"Mako Chan" Nagisa sniffed, trying to hold back the flow of tears that were desperately trying to make themselves evident. "I'm so sorry Mako Chan!" Nagisa's sorrowful tears couldn't be held back anymore, they were now flowing endlessly through his red eyes.

"Nagisa please don't cry." Makoto stood up, trying to wipe away the blonde's waterfall. "It's not your fault, really. It's nobody's fault. So please Nagisa, don't blame yourself and don't cry." Makoto gave a weary smile to the blonde.

"Mako Chan.." Nagisa hugged the exceedingly taller male. Makoto wrapped his arms around the small red eyed blonde. Nagisa's hiccupping and tears soon ceased. He looked up at Makoto, releasing him from his tight hold, giving him a slight smile.

"You're too kind Mako Chan!" Nagisa laughed, his breath still slightly uneven.

Makoto smiled, even with the pain from his wound throbbing to no end.

"I'll tell Rei Chan that you're okay. He was worried too." Nagisa said, taking his seat.

The day dragged on with just inconsequential work for the student's to complete by the end of the day. Prom passed while Haru was in jail, so the new love birds flirted with each other when they had free time. In a way Haruka envied them. One of the two, or both had to confess, and he wasn't strong enough to do that.

**I'm so weak.** Haru put his head down on his desk. He wasn't strong enough mentally to tell Makoto how he felt, he couldn't protect him, and he couldn't help him. Not like Makoto did for him for years. He was amazing. He east too good for Haru, at least, that's what he believed.

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