Chapter 3

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"Stop!" yelled Droplet at the apparent criminal. The man turned himself around in mid air (still flying at a remarkable speed) to face his followers. He was a bit dismayed to see more than just the police, but a cloaked girl flying on ice and a green boy beside her (he couldn't see the boy much either, for the green that enveloped him faded out his facial details). "This may be harder than I thought," he said to himself with annoyance. Quickly, he flipped himself over, pointed the scepter towards the sky,and floated up and over the police, that hadn't slowed down yet. "That's a change of pace," Droplet said.

Droplet and Shamrock stopped themselves as they watched the man float up to a tremendous height. The other cars screeched to a stop about ten feet away. "You aren't going to get away with this!" Droplet shouted to him. "Haven't I already?" he shot back. "Actually, no," Shamrock countered. He then extended his fist quickly towards the man above them and sent out a green beam that was barely dodged by his target. "Urg," the man was now even more annoyed with both strangers floating quickly up to him. "I don't have time for this," the man said while raising the scepter above his head. Droplet rolled her eyes,"Why are criminals always on such tight schedules?" With one stroke of his arm, the scepter sent down a dark wave towards the heroes. Having seconds to react, Droplet moved her hand out from beneath her cloak to form a wall of water above them, that hardened to ice immediately. The blackness hit the ice, breaking it, but going no further, keeping both of them safe.

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