I sighed, walking into my house. It had been an amazing day, and it was coming to an end. I was in a really good mood, excited for what was to come. I guess you could see a lovestruck look on my face, because when I walked in, Montparnasse commented on my expression.

"What's wrong with you, 'Ponine? You look like Cupid just shot ya!"

"Oh, it's nothing, 'Parnasse." I had a hard time hiding the giant smile from my face, though.

"I know better, 'Ponine."

"Really? What do you know about love?" I knew I was getting too defensive and cocky, but foreign feelings were messing with my mind.

"A lot. Remember when we were together?"

"That meant nothing to you! You just used me for your pleasure! I was nothing but another toy."

"That's how it should be."

"You disgust me." I tried to stomp off to my room, but he grabbed my arm.

"We could always make things like that again."

"No!" I screamed for help, but nobody in this house cared. Montparnasse grabbed me by the waist and pulled me even closer.

"Yer, father said you were all mine tonight, so you better obey me." He whispered into my ear. His breath stunk of beer. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, messily kissing me. I tried to push myself away from the man, but he was too strong. He pulled me into my room, his grip still tight on me. He sat me down on the bed and put his hands near my throat.

"So, who's this boy yer in love with?" I knew I was going to be hurt if I didn't say, so I did what I had to, but left out most details.

"He-he's a student."

"What's the bastard's name?"

"He goes b-by his surname." Montparnasse was getting aggravated. I would pull out my phone and call Enjolras for help, but Montparnasse would just take it away from me. I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I was his now, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"What is it?" He asked, his teeth clenched, anger in his eyes. His hands crept up closer to my throat.

"Enj-Enjolras." I knew I had done wrong. I was going to mess things up; 'Parnasse was going to hurt him. Tears fell down my face and I sobbed loudly.

"Alright, here's the deal. Let me do what I want for tonight, and I won't hurt yer rich loverboy." I had no choice. I noddded weakly, my body racked with sobs.

I was weak. Enjolras told me I was brave, that I was strong.

If only he could have seen.


I don't want to talk about what Montparnasse did to me. He was a sick, filthy man.

I woke up the next morning and I knew that I needed to get out. I was sore from what had happened. I looked to see that there were bruises from when I had tried to fight back.

It was early enough that my family was still asleep, so I left the house. I figured that Enjolras was going to let me in, and I knew the way to his place.

I knocked on his apartment door, and I heard footsteps come towards the door immediately. I wasn't planning on telling Enjolras anything about what had happened, because he would just get angry.

The door opened and I saw Enjolras' face light up when he saw it was me.



"How was last night after I left? Were you okay?" We walked inside, sitting on his couch.

"It was fine." I lied right to his face.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" I regretted saying that so loudly as soon as the words escaped my mouth. "Sorry." He looked a little bit taken aback, but nodded slowly.

"Alright then. Have you had breakfast?"


"I'll attempt some pancakes. Does that sound good?" I nodded. My body ached all over, but I had to push back all of the pain. I couldn't put anyone else in danger. I knew Enjolras, and he would try to stop my father and his gang. They were a rough group of men and I didn't want Enjolras marching in there, thinking he could take them on.

Enjolras continued making the pancakes, and we didn't really talk a lot today. I was exhausted, and I could tell he was tired, too. He finished them, and soon, we were sitting at the small kitchen table, just like we had so many times before. Things were different now, though.

"Why don't you take your jacket off? It is June. I don't think you need a sweatshirt." Enjolras remarked.

"I'm kind of cold. I think I'll keep it on." Really, it was covering the bruises. I didn't want to lie to him, but I didn't see any other way.

"Eponine, I know when you're lying. And I can see you are right now. Are you hiding something?"

Damn. I had been caught again. I didn't know how he could see through me. I had grown accustomed to lying and cheating my whole life. I decided to try to change the subject. I got up to put my plate in the dish washer and Enjolras followed.

"So, how's the search for a job going?"

"Eponine, I'm not kidding. What's wrong?"

"I already said-"

"Don't make me take off that jacket for you, because I would really feel uncomfortable doing that." His tone was gentle, but I knew he wasn't joking. I decided to give in.

"Fine, but please don't get mad at me or try to do anything to get back at this person." I slowly unzipped my jacket and put it on the counter, revealing bruises on my arms.

"Eponine! Who did this to you?"

"Montparnasse." I looked down at the ground, feeling ashamed.

"What else did he do?"

"Well you see, uh," I can't say it. He would be furious. But I can't just not tell him. I looked at Enjolras, begging for forgiveness in my eyes. "He raped me."

Enjolras' expression remained stoic, because he was made of marble and could not show his emotions as well as others. But I did see the slightest bit of anger behind his eyes. I hoped he wasn't angry at me for what I had let happen, but I could understand. I felt the tears coming. Why did I always cry? "Enjolras, I promise I tried to stop him! I tried to fight back, but he would just hurt me more! Please- Enj-" I was silenced by Enjolras pressing his lips against mine. He held me tight by my lower back, trying to calm me down. A moment later he pulled away.

"Hey, Eponine look at me." His voice was soft and gentle. My eyes, shining with tears, met his. "I'm not mad at you. It's going to be okay. You tried to stay away. I get it." He had a caring, reassuring look on his face. He still held me close, hands on the small of my back. He gently wiped the tears off of my cheek with his thumb, and I took a deep breath and calmed down. I was thankful that I had finally met somebody who loved me and cared for me in a place where I was a shadow to most.

I took a deep breath.

"Just, please don't go after him. You don't know what you're up against." Enjolras didn't respond, he just pulled me closer. Finally, he let go of me.

"Fine, but you have to stop getting yourself into trouble."

And then I remembered that I had given him Enjolras' name. Montparnasse did say he wouldn't hurt him, but he was not a man of his word.

I had put us both in grave danger.


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