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Now you are stuck in a jail cell. Your tools have been so you aren't able to break out. What you didn't realize is that Sam swiped a paper clip off of the guard's desk. When the guard wasn't looking you grab him and smash his head into the cell and then Sam went to work. It took 5 minutes but the lock finally disengaged and you both were free. Your first stop was the safe with your things. Next you go to the general's office, to finish the job.
You put on your Gi but Sam takes the uniform from the guard and puts it on. As the "guard" Sam knocks on the general's door and begins to distract him by talking about you and him who he thought were still locked up. You hop down from your hiding place in the vent, and get in position for a hit that would kill the general. You pull your arm back and aim for for the right side of the back of his head. This way when you hit him his neck will snap. This time, you would not hesitate. Finally, you throw your fist forward as hard as you could, and that's it. He's dead. Sam changes and the two of you head back out of the house of the emperor. Happily you return to your sensei telling him you were successful. He congratulates you and sends you to sleep in your rooms. You couldn't sleep though, something wasn't right. There was something you missed, something you had forgotten. Unhappily you shrugged it off and finally went to sleep. The next morning you awoke and showered, still thinking then about the entire mission. What had you missed? What could it be, then you remembered. You were supposed to grab the plans.

Part 3 "Return." Or "Prologue" coming soon

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