Chapter 8

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It Was Like Everything Went In Slow Motion. My Mom Fell To The Ground Screaming In Pain And  Destiny Ran Over To Me.

Destiny: Are You Okay ?

Lauren: Yea, Go Check On Ma. She Got Shot. I Looked Down At My Shirt And The Bullet Grazed Me. I Hid It Making Sure Destiny Didn't See It.

Destiny: We Need To Get Her To The Hospital.

Lauren: Go With Her In The Backseat And If Blood Get On My Damn Seats I'm Kicking Both Of Y'all Ass. They Both Left. I Kicked That Nigga In The Stomach. Don't Come Back Pussy ! I Quickly Ran Outside And Hoped In My Car And Sped Down To The Hospital. Destiny Took Her In. I'll Have A Car Here For You To Drive Home.

Destiny: Okay, And Lauren ?

Lauren: Yes ?

Destiny: Are You My Sister, Forreal ?

Lauren: Yes Baby Girl. Go In There And Check On Her. She Went Inside And I Pulled Off.

I Was Loosing So Much Blood. I Started Getting Dizzy And Seeing Black Spots. So I Went To The Nearest House. Adrian's.

I Got Out The Car Holding My Side And Limping To The Door. I Knocked On The Door And Rung The Doorbell Bout 5 Times.

Adrian: Who Da He-- Lauren What The Fuck Happened ?! I Fell Into His Arms And Passed Out.


I Caught Her, And Put Her On The Couch. Jay, Ashton, And Jordan Looked At Me.

Jay: Man I Know That's Not My Nigga Lauren.

Jordan: The Girl From The Club ?

Adrian: Man Yea.

Ashton: Damn She Must Be Some Special Cause Yo Ass Put Her Right On The All White Couch.

Jay: Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up. I Pulled Off Her Shirt.

Adrian: Damn.. Blood Was Just Flowing. To The Point Where It Looked Black.

Jay: Ashton ! Go Get The Stitches And Some Rubbing Alc--.

Ashton: Alright ! He Ran Upstairs And 5 Minutes Later He Came Back.

I Grabbed The Towel Pouring Alcohol. Dabbing It On There. I Cleaned Up All The Blood And Stitched It Back. I Out Some Guaze Over Her Wound.

I Carried Her Upstairs. I Changed Her Into One Of My Shirts And Put Her Under The Covers.

I Walked Downstairs To See Jay On The Phone. He Hung Up Shaking His Head.

Adrian: Who Was That ?

Jay: Lissa Crazy Ass, She On Her Way.

Jordan: Lissa ?

Adrian: Lauren's Bestfriend Aka Jay Girl. 20 Minutes Later, There Was A Loud Ass Banging On The Door.

Jay: Oh Shit.. He Got Up And Opened The Door And Lissa Short Ass Push His Ass Out The Way.


Adrian: Upstairs, Down The Hallway To The Right.

Lissa: Oo Imma Have To Bust A Nigga Head Open. She Said Stomping Up The Stairs.

Ashton: Now I See Why Ya Ass Don't Fuck With None Of Them Trap Hoes. Cause Ha Ass Is Crazy.

Jordan: But Now We Gotta See If Little Miss Lauren Is Crazy.

Jay: She's The Calm One.

But The Question Is...Who Shot Her And Why ?

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