Chapter 51

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Pipers POV (Mayas POV)

"Come on Riles!" I yell, wiping the sweat from my head. Oh how id missed this California heat. Me and Rilee had sold the flat to a friend of mine. We packed up our things and took the next flight to Cali. Rilee came running upto me, carrying her dolly and a little bag that she liked to carry around.

"Sorry I dropped dolly." She batted her eyelashes at me and I melted then and there.

"Come on." I chuckled. She held my forearm in her tiny hand and we walked to a cab. He put all of our suitcases in the trunk and I told him our destination and I began my journey to memory lane.

Just an hour later, I felt a tiny tap on my shoulder.

"Mummy?" I heard my daughter say. I shook my head, bringing myself back to reality.

"Oh..Yeah sweetie?"

"We're here." I looked at the window and indeed, we had reached our destination. Jimmys moms house, she moved to Huntington not long after me and Jimmy got together, after we went to see her actually. We got out of the car and grabbed our luggage and made our way to the front door. I rang the bell and I heard footsteps. Honestly, I was shitting bricks. I held my daughters hand and the door unlatched. There stood Mrs Sullivan.

She shot me a small smile, whilst looking extremely confused.

"Can I help you sweetie?" I smirked a little. I must look different with bright pink hair and piercings.

"Okay. Think back five years ago. Youre son, James, had a girlfriend, who dissapeared. What was her name?" I looked at her face.

"Her name was...Piper..." I swear a lightbulb appeared above her head.

"Hello. Barbara." I said with my signature smile on my face. She gasped and pulled me into a hug. After a few minutes of being cuddled, she pulled away, her eyes shot to the little girl who looked utterly confused.

"Who is this mommy?" She asked and Barbaras jaw dropped.

"Ill tell you later..." Thankfully Barbara let us in. We sat on the couch and I placed Rilee on my lap.

"Piper..." She trailed off, scanning my face.

"Its Maya...Maya Reid." She nodded, still, with the most confused look on her face. 

"Why doesnt...." She said, trailing off, gesturing at Rilee. 


"Why doesnt Rilee, go outside and play with Ava." She smiled warmly. 

Ava? Who was Ava? 

Rilee squirmed out of my arms and toddled off to the backyard. 

"Ava?" I asked. 

"Ava...Ava is Matt and Lexi's daughter. She turned five last week." I cup my hand over my mouth. So they did have their child. She was younger than mine since mine was born two months premature...I turned to look outside. Ava and Rilee were talking non-stop. Avas head whipped around and she smiled when she saw me. Her features were amazing, her smile was like Lexi's but she had matts dimples. she had bright brown eyes and a button nose. She long blonde hair, which was Lexis. She ran inside along with Rilee and threw her arms around me. 

"Hi! Im Ava! Ava Sanders" She grinned, showing her dimples. I smiled back at her. 

"Hi! Im Ma--Piper. And this is my daughter Rilee. Sullivan." I said. Ava squealed a little. 

"Youre uncle Jimmys daughter?!" She gushed at Rilee. Rilee blushed. 

"I guess..." She trailed off. 

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