Chapter Nine

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Mom grabbed my hand and told to not to worry that I was safe.

I listened to the sounds of the trumpets. I'm in heaven.

And then everything turned black. My eyes opened again. I was back on Earth again. I saw lights and people who were hooking things up to my body.

I realized I was back on Earth. I was glad to be back but I wanted to be with mom.

The doctors had left the room and left me with wires all around my body. I couldn't move. I shut my eyes and went to sleep for a while.


I walked into the room where Jayden lay. I wanted to hug her and never let her go.

I start to speak to her as if we were having a conversation. "Hey, Jayden. Remember me?"

"I'm your dad. The one that raised you up to be the beautiful girl that you are."

"I'm sorry that I have not been paying attention to you. I've been busy with work. And I promise you that I will no longer focus on work but focusing on my daughter."

"I love you Jayden."

As I finished talking, I wipe away the tears in my face.

I can't wait to bring her back home. I can see her eyes open, she slowly blinked a couple times.

"Hi honey" I say.

"Wh-Who are you?"  She asks in a raspy voice.

"I'm your dad."

"No your not. I don't know you get out of my room!" She screams. "DOCTOR! DOCTOR!"

The doctors rush in and calm her down as they escort me out the room. "Sir, I'm afraid you need to stay out here for a while. We need for her to calm down."

"What is wrong with my daughter? I demand to know!" I yell at the doctor.

"Well Sir, I'm afraid your daughter is experiencing long-term memory loss. She doesn't remeber a lot. She only remembers minor details that occured in her life."

"So, she doesn't remember me? Or her bestfriend? Or her boyfriend?"

"I'm afraid so."

I inhale before exhaling loudly. More tears start to form in my eyes.

"Can I just have a moment alone?" I say in a teary voice. The doctor leaves. I sit on the dark brown wooden chair next to the hospital bed.

"Jayden?" I say as she slowly awakens.

"I'm your dad In case you didn't know. I raised you up to be the strong young woman that you are. Your very important in my life. Your the reason I get up every morning. You remind me of your mom, Diane. Oh how she loved you. You look just like her."

"Please remember Jayden, please."

Just as I placed my hand on her face she pushed it away and yelled "Get out! I don't know you! LEAVE!"

Those words crushed my heart. My heart was shattered in a million pieces and all I could say was "Remember" I took one last look before leaving and walked out the room.


Who was that weird man? Why was that man in here talking about being my father?

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