Temperatures running high

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Clarke woke up early in the morning and put on her shoes and jacket. Her leg was much better so she could walk on it but only slowly. She made her way out of her tent and grabbed some food and water. After she had eaten she made her way to the drop ship and got her medical equipment ready.

"Hey Clarke. How's your leg?" Octavia asked walking in.

"Much better now. I can walk on it but slowly and carefully. Oh and where's Bellamy? I haven't seen him all morning."

"That's good and Bellamy's out hunting as usual. Oh and Ryan wants to see you." Octavia replied.

"Ok thanks O. Could you watch this place why I go see Ryan?" Clarke asked walking towards the door.

"Yea sure." Octavia replied as Clarke left.

Clarke made her way to Ryan's tent and entered. She walked over and sat down.

"Hey Ryan. How are you?" she asked.

"I've been better and worse so I'd say I'm ok." he replied.

Clarke laughed a small laugh but stopped when she suddenly became hot and went a little dizzy.

"So you wanted to see me?" she asked as she focuses again.

"Yea. I wanted to see how you are and make sure your alright."

"I'm fine. Legs better. I can walk on it now but only slowly and safely." said Clarke.

"Good I'm happy for you. I've got this stupid back that takes weeks to heel. consider your self lucky." Ryan said and they both laughed.

"Well I better go back to the 'med bay' and help the other injured delinquents . So i'll see you later." she said and stood up.

Clarke walked out and was suddenly boiling hot. A wave of dizzy came over her as she stumbled. Clarke regained her focus but was still boiling hot. She slowly walked over to the drop ship/med bay and took over from Octavia.

Over the day Clarke never cooled down and was getting dizzier. After her last patient she decided to get some water and take s nap. When she got to her tent she took a gulp of water and laid down. she instantly fell asleep.

Clarke woke up about 2 hours later and walked back to the medical bay/ drop ship. She helped about 5 teenagers when she heard people shouting to open the gate. She slowly walked outside and saw the hunting team walking in. Then she spotted Bellamy and started walking over. As she was walking she felt even hotter and the dizziness went worse. Suddenly she was in front if him and Octavia at his side.

"Hey princess. Nice to see you walking around." Bellamy said.

Then a wave of dizziness came again and this time the world kept spinning and spinning then it stopped and she looked at Bellamy. He suddenly turned into a small puddle of blood on the floor. She screamed.

"Clarke what's wrong?" Bellamy asked.

He was suddenly standing there again. Clarke didn't understand what was happening and the next minutes she was running in the forest. She stops out of breath and looks around.

"How the hell did I get here?" she asked herself. "What was I running from?"

She turned around to face the way she came and saw the camp walls.

"Why the hell was I running from camp?" she asked herself again.

Clarke walked back to camp and shouted to open the gate. It opened and she walked in. Everyone was staring at her.

"What!" she shouted.

Everyone turned away and got back to work. Clarke had to rest her leg because of the pain from running. When she got to her tent she sat down and looked at her leg. There was blood coming out of her pants.

"Octavia!" she shouted.

A few minutes later Octavia comes running in with Bellamy behind her.

"Yea Clarke? What is it?" Octavia asked.

"Can you stitch up my leg again please?"

"Yea but you shouldn't have run." Octavia scolded her.

"I don't even know why I was running." Clarke blurted out.

Suddenly Clarke became very hot and took her jacket off.

"It's very warm in here." Clarke stated.

"No it's not. Its freezing in here." Says Octavia as she puts the back of her hand on Clarke's forehead. "Clarke your boiling. Is it a fever?"

"No." Clarke said simply.

"Are you sure princess?" Bellamy asked.

"Yes I'm sure." Clarke replied.

Octavia stitched up her leg and told her to rest. Octavia left to check on Ryan as Bellamy kissed Clarke then left. She lay down and closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.


Bellamy had just left Clarke's tent and started helping out with the wall. A couple hours later and it was time for Bellamy to take watch. He was making his way over when Clarke walks out of her tent.

"Hey princess. What you doing up?" he asked.

She didn't say anything, she just stared at him. Suddenly she starts sweating and then she started swaying. She fell into his arms, limp.

"Octavia! Jasper!" he shouted.

Jasper came round the corner and took Bellamy's gun so he could carry Clarke. When he laid her down Octavia burst through the tent door.

"What happened? Is she okay?" Octavia asked.

"I was walking to go on Duty when she walked out of her tent then she started sweating, swaying and then she just fell." Bellamy took a breath. "That reminds me. Jasper could you take my shift so I can stay here?"

"Yea of course." Jasper said and walked out.

Bellamy turns back to Octavia who is thinking. He waits then she speaks "so you said she was sweating, swaying then she just fell?"

"Yea. Why?" he replied.

"Because all this sounds like a fever."

Octavia looks at all the cuts then at the big stab wound on her thigh.

"It's none of them. It must be something else." Octavia said.

"O, look under Clarke's top. Is that Blood?" Bellamy says.

Octavia lifts up Clarke's top just enough to see the stab wound. It was infected.

"Oh my god. It's really infected. Look at the lump there." Octavia said.

Octavia poked the lump under Clarke's skin and it was hard and metal.

Octavia looked up to her brother "It's the knife. It's stuck inside if her."

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