Chapter 3: The Fall of lords, The rise of Man

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Gwyn leaving his magnificent kingdom, departed to the land known as "The Kiln of The First Flame." From there he became the fuel for the First Flame to extend his Age of Fire. But this is just a fool's errand, as the prophecy said: "The Flames will fade and only Dark will remain." But Gwyn knew of this prophecy and hoped it would last. After Gwyn Departed the rest of the lords left the kingdom and only Gwyndolin, The Lord of Sunlight's lastborn stayed and took control of the kingdom and casted an illusion that would retain the legendary status of the kingdom for an eternity. She formed a covenant to the mortals called the " Blades of Darkmoon", a covenant that hunts the guilty indicted by the slips sold by the followers of Velka, The goddess of Sin. 

Rumors have been lurking that the Lord of the Sun have been reduced to The Lord of Cinders.........

Around a century two legendary serpents of equal might and status, namely Darkstalker Kaathe and Kingseeker Frampt are enticing mortals to be sacrificed to the First Flame or being tricked of having their humanity stolen by the Darkstalker. But one day the Darkstalker went to the ancient land of Oolacile, a land of peaceful magics and a neutral land. But it all changed........

The Darkstalker convinced the people of Oolacile to awaken and steal humanity from the primeval man named Manus, the foolish people listened to the serpent. They awoke the primeval man and tortured him to submission. After days and nights of excruciating pain the poor man finally snapped and unleashed his ever encompassing hatred known as the Abyss. Corrupted by his own hatred, Manus transformed in to a being of darkness and shadow, he later became known as The Father of the Abyss and corrupted the people of Oolacile into mutated into multi-eyed creatures. The land now in corruption and chaos allowed the heroes of the past to defeat Manus the Father of the Abyss, all failed to live to tell the tale. After a  year, a legendary dragon with a strength to match its size arrived in Oolacile, he was named Kalameet the black dragon. Even the might of Gwyn's kingdom dare not to provoke it's ire. It's wings are said to cover the sun, it's scales are said to break the most powerful weapons in the land, and its claws are as mighty as a giant lion said in the legends. The land of Oolacile is now in even more havoc and chaos until a hero arrived with his loyal companions.

A dragonslayer from an ancient war, a legendary knight unmatched with a greatsword, a giant with bow made from a bone of an evelasting dragon, and an assassin which follows her lord's command. "Dragonslayer Ornstein, Knight Artorias, Hawkeye Gough, Lord's blade Ciaran." They are the legendary Four Knights of Gwyn, The past Lord of Sunlight. Ornstein stayed in the kingdom, while the other three knights went to lost and corrupted land of Oolacile. 

Will they succumb to the Abyss or will they emerge victorious?

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