Chapter 23

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Luke woke up at about 11:32, right when I had finished the bacon. So we went up to my room and ate together. While we were eating we watched tv and started talking about what we were going to do later.

"So what are we gonna do babe?" He asked putting his arm around my shoulder.

"I dunno, movies maybe?"

"You want to go to the movies? When it's this beautiful outside, really?" I know I shouldn't want to go to a dark place when it's so sunny outside, but I'm not an outside person, or a people person. So why not go to the movies, where it's nice and dark and no one is allowed to talk especially not to me.

"Yea, I mean why not?" He raised his eyebrows then sighed.

"Fine, okay movies it is." We decided that we didnt want to go this early in the day, so we went to go get something for lunch first.

We ended up at a small cafe called 'Gigi's' and sat down near the front by a window. But not before i saw my brother sitting down next to a blonde haired girl. Her back was facing me so i couldn't see her face, but i could tell by her clothes and hair that she was Logan's type.

"Umm Luke im not feeling this place can we go somewhere else?" I asked trying to push him back out the door, but he was way stronger than me. Damn those muscles, those cute ass, delicious, big, finger licking muscles.

Focus Melanie.

Right...okay focus.

"Why babe? You haven't even tasted anything yet." By this time I was basically staring daggers at my brother. Why the hell was he still here! It's been at least 4 hours.

"I know but I just...just...I-I umm..." Luke followed my gaze and looked at Logan too.

"Oooh. Thats why."


"Well lets not let him ruin our day. Just stay quiet and lets just hope he doesn't see us."

"Okay." I tore my eyes away from Logan and looked at Luke.

"By the way, why are you so afraid of him seeing us anyway?" He looked down at his menu.

"Well in case you haven't noticed he isn't a big fan of yours."

"Right. I've noticed." He looked up from his menu and started glaring at Logan. Probabaly thinking about the time Logan jumped him.

"And I just don't want to make a scene. You two haven't seen or talkied to each other know."

"Yea. You better figure out what you want, the waitress will probably be coming." I could see he was trying to avoid that topic, so I let it go.

"Yea, okay." But I knew that having a good day with Luke was too good to be true, because sooner or later I heard a loud voice call my name.

"Melanie!" I looked back expecting to see a nose flaring Logan, but he was actually smiling. I waved and smiled back. what i up with him?

"Come over here, bring Luke too!" He was yelling acoss the cafe so everyone was staring at us. Luke at I stood up and walked over to Logan's table.

"Hey sissy, Hey Luke." He stood up and hugged me and held his hand out to Luke, to which we both raised our eyebrows at. But Luke shook his hand anyway.

"This is Siara. My..girl...buddy." And then i saw her face. She was beautiful, she had blue eyes, and dark brown eyebrows. Her feautures was so strong compared to my soft ones. I looked over at Luke and he was staring at her, I don't know if it was because she was pretty or because he was disgusted based on his eyes.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you." She was smiling and showed her perfectly white teeth. I had to get Luke away from here.

"Hi, pleasure." I said staring at my brother who was bascially drooling over Siara. Now I know why he was so happy.

"Hey, Luke can I talk to you for a moment?" My brother said. Even though he asked, he didn't make it seem much like a question.

"Sure, man." Before I could say anything they were already walking towards the door. Siara was watching Luke as he walked out the door. I wonder is there something I need to know about her and Luke.

" So, how old are you?" She asked me finally tearing her eyes away from my boyfriend.

"17, im a junior in high school."

"Oh, well Im a senior like your brother. What school do you go to?"

"Ridge Way."

"Oh well that explains why I don't know you."

"Where do you go?" I kept looking back at the door trying to see if Luke and Logan had came back yet.

"Well i just moved here, so I'm not registered yet."

"Where did you move from?" She looked up at me.

"Seattle. But we moved close to you guys, that's how me and your brother met."

"Oh well Im just gonna go back to my table, if you don't mind."

"Not at all. Nice meeting you Melanie."

"Yea, you too." I started on my way back to my table when Luke suddenly came through the door, Logan following shortly after. I grabbed onto him trying to see if there were any bruises or scratches anywhere.

"Im okay Melanie, nothing happened."

"Then what did he call you out there for?" I asked.

"Just to talk."

"About what?" I edged on. Sorry but I kinda wanna know.

"Nothing much, so what were you two talking about?" I gave up knowing that was all I was going to get from him.

" Nothing just what school she goes to, and where she's from." Luke's eyes slightly widened.

"Oh, suprised you weren't talking about how sexy I am."

" Well I do not tell lies sooo..."

"Shut up. Hey are you still hungry? I lost my appetite plus the movie starts in like 10 minutes." I never loose my appetite, but I didnt wan to miss the movie, so I lied.

We arrived at the theater about 5 minutes into the movies, hopefully we only missed the trailers. But then again those were my favorite. We bought a few snacks and headed to our movie, but on the way I realized we forgot to get butter on the popcorn. They never put enough behind the counter. So Luke went to movie to get our seats while I went back with the popcorn to get butter.

When I was done I turned around and bumped into a figure.

"I'm so sorry sir-" I quickly shut my mouth when i realized who I bumped into. The one and only Zach Miller.

"Well you just love running into me don't you Melanie?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

"Bye Zach." I started to walk away but i noticed the sound of footsteps behind me.

"Why the hell are you following me!"

"Whoa whoa whoa settle down there. My movie's this way too princess."

"Whatever." I cringed. I hate him so much.

I walked into my movie and he was still behind me.

"No fucking way." I whispered.

"Guess we're movie buddies." He said walking ahead of me.

This was going to be one hell of a night.

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