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I boil pasta in kettles,

I itch stings from wasps and nettles,

I leave my straightners on all day long,

I forget to blow food and burn my tongue,

I forget birthdays, especially ones in October,

I have common sense-aphobia.

I don’t look when I’m crossing the road,

I forget every password and code,

Organization isn’t my main trait,

Dates I’ll forget, events I’ll be late,

I have L plates for my fellow drivers’ sakes,

I never learn from my mistakes.

When it comes to technology I’m stumped,

When it comes to my boyfriend theres no where I haven’t already thumped

I don’t question, I’m naïve, gullible,

I can’t walk in a straight line, I’m clumsy, it’s undeniable,

In adult life it’s already been assumed,

That I’m freaked out and doomed.

I keep my pin number in my purse,

I’m always getting lost, it’s like a curse,

I waffle on, I’m terrible on the phone,

I’m easily stressed, impressed, accident prone,

But as I’ve confessed, I’ve come to see,

 I’ve accepted, confessed to being me.

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