After a small argument with Naruto, everyone started running back to the leaf village.

Lady Tsunade was waiting for the groups' return, but once getting close enough Shea called Lady Tsunade 'Old woman'. Tsunade glared at Shea but went on to say that Misty, Shea, Eddie, and Eli will be staying in a house near hers.

Once that was said she told Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura that they could go home. But Naruto followed Tsunade and the group to the house. Once inside the house, Tsunade told them it was thier's until they leave.

Shea glanced around then walked off to explore the rest of the house.

"Wow! Thanks Lady Tsunade. This is a very cool house." ruffed Misty excitedly.

"Your welcome. Now you have a place here in the village if you choose to." laughed Lady Tsunade.

Misty jumped out of Naruto's arms and looked around with the others. "Ooh! I call this room!" she said.

Eddie, on the hand, finds himself in a room full of weapons. "Wow! I'll take this room."

Eli wanders around looking and finds the perfect place for himself. A room with a big pool. "Perfect place for me!" He grinned.

Shea popped her head out of the last room and looked around at the others. "Well then... this is my room." The room itself seemed to give off a dark creepy vibe. She then disappeared back inside the room and closed the door.

"Am I the only one that thinks she is way too creepy?" Naruto asked.

Lady Tsunade slapped Naruto on the back of the head. "Well, I'll see all of you tomorrow. Get some rest." After saying that Tsunade dragged Naruto out of the house.

Shea then popped her head back out of her room again. "Well I'm going to sleep Night guys!" Shea said then disappeared in her room again.

Everyone went to bed and quickly fell asleep for the night.

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