Scene Three

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The next morning I emailed Helen the ideas I had, and did not tell her what happened with Rayna, I did not to blow the trust she had in me. I'd just keep quiet about it. I had burned the pages the night before that held the info on Helen, so that my carelessness didn't jeperdize her secret once again. She answered back.


Thank you for trying so hard to help me, but I don't want to get into trouble.


I understood. After all, the ideas were stupid, and they could make no progress with her freedom and get her into trouble. I couldn't do much. I was a kid, who lived halfway across the world from her. Was there really anything I could do other than try to comfort her with typed words?

I started typing.


That's alright, I understand. Well, I got to get ready for church tonight. Talk to you in the morning?


A few moments later there was another email in my inbox.


Yeah, tomorrow.

Bye for now.


I got off the computer and began to get ready. I couldn't wait to see my BFF Bex, at church tonight. Though I prayed I wouldn't hear about more bullying at school. She was going through a lot at school, especially with this one girl named Natty.

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