Chapter 2

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Maria's P.O.V.

When I finally sit down in my chair, someone else walks in late.

I look up to see a man who I saw this morning, but I don't remember when I saw him. He has curly brown hair, sorta long, and is rather tall. I think back to this morning, and that's when I remember he was the one who flipped me off when I was driving to school.

He makes eye contact with me and heads to the professers desk.

I silently shake my head and go back to work on my paper. We have to write a ten page essay on why we want to be a writer. I think the teacher is a total idiot for making us do it, but I will still write a kickass essay anyway.

I hear movement so I look up from my paper to, yet again, to see that damn boy. This time he sits next to me. I roll my eyes and get back to my writing so I won't have to do so much at home.

What feels to be about eight seconds later, I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I look over to see the curly haired boy looking at me. 

" What?", I ask him, sorta annoyed.

"Ummm, what's your name?", he replies with a cheeky grin.

" Maria. What's yours?", I ask him back with a slight smile.

" Harry." he replies then looks away.

I go back to writing my paper, until another tap on my shoulder occurs.

I look over to Harry, yet again, with a smile.

" May I borrow a pen?", he asks, smiling.

" Sure", I reply, digging in my pencil case to find my least favorite pen, and hand it to him.

" Thanks", he replies and goes back to his paper.

Harry's P.O.V.

I go back to my paper that I am supposed to be writing, and read over the directions. It says it has to be ten pages long.

"Damn", I groan and put my head on the desk.

Suddenly there is a sound of a pencil rapidly moving, so I tilt my head slightly to see that Maria girl writing furiously on her paper.

She stops when she noticed that I was looking at her and just gives me a weird look. I smile at her and throw my head on the table again.

I think I fell asleep, cause I wake up to Maria tapping me on the back.

" Time to go", she replies and walks out the door.

I watch her as she walks out. She has beautiful curves, not to mention that she is just hot in general.

I grab my stuff and try to catch up to her.

I run up to her just in time to hold the door open.

" Thanks", she says with a slight nod and smile.

" No problem", I say back.

She then just walks away to her car. I shake my head, this girl doesn't get it. 

I walk back up to her again and stop her. 

" Hey, can I ask you something?", I say to her, which seems to startle her.

" Sure." She says with a confused look.

" I was wondering if you wanted to go out for lunch?" I ask her looking into her deep brown eyes.

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