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Ludwig shuffled the papers into his file and sighed, walking from the large building as the sun began to set across Germany and most of Europe. The weather outside was a windy but warm 80, a gift as Fall approached and the leaves became many shades of red and orange and yellow. His car was a little ways across the lot, yet the German didn't mind, taking the time to admire the beauty of the fair country but not wasting it- he had a place to be at night, and it was a place he would hate to miss.

Yes, it was on this day, so beautiful and peacable, that Ludwig would get into his car, and drive down to the city-- and begin his second life.


Gilbert tossing his comb aside and dashed out of the door, still zipping his pants up as he fumbled with his car keys. If he was late, even a minute late, he was sure Ludwig would put him on the spot in front of everyone. His younger brother was very into the exhibitionist behavior, it seemed, but Gilbert certainly didn't want to let everyone see that happening to him. 

Nope, it wouldn't happen.

He shoved the keys into the ignition, the car clicking for a moment before humming to life. He grinned and buckled up, quickly pulling out of the driveway and heading out.


Within thirty minutes, Gilbert arrived, and he scanned the lot- no sign of Ludwig. Great. He pulled his keys out and unlocked the front door, turning to the breaker box behind it and flicking a switch. A sign outside lit up, reading, 'In Red' and the lights of the club flickered before turning on, casting their sexy shade across the room.

He could feel his ego growing- the club was open for business.


Hello!! And Welcome to the Sequel to Family Business!! 


I'm quite proud of how this idea came suddenly, and as usual, I have people to thank. 

Konigsberg_Prussia will always get a mention, for their wonderful idea of a Beilschmidt strip club! Go give 'em some love!

And, Gil_And_Ludwig, who recommended me using the Red Light District of Hamburg instead of Nuremburg, to which I did a little research (NOTHING IN DEPTH.) and wholly agreed to!

Comments and Votes are appreciated and are motivation! 

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