Chapter 10 - I'm Bored!

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Chapter 10 | LTC


| XIA |

After I gave the letter to the mailman who is my cousin by the way, that lives next door. Cliff and I actually lived in the same subdivision, just on different streets. I also told my cousin to never tell Cliff who I am and where I'm from or I will blackmail and kill him!

"Get down here Xia!" Someone calls from downstairs.

"Coming," I said and go downstairs, just to find my brother still playing GTA 5. Ugh!

"You only have 30 minutes." I told Zaiden.


"I'm gonna play next." Then stuck my tongue out at him.

"What?! No way!" He said.

"You're so selfish! It's ours! Of course I can play! Besides, I'm bored. Come on, Zaid!"

"Later, by the way. Bake me some cookies." Did I hear that right?


"I said bake me cookies. Are you deaf sis?" Are you sure he's younger than me? He acts like his older.

"Fine, but when I come back. I'm gonna play."

"Deal. Now go slave!" I hate my Zaiden more than Tyler. Because Tyler is stupid. How could you hate a stupid person? It's not his fault he's stupid. Ha!


FACT: I REALLY WANT TO HAVE A BROTHER! :( Sadly, all I have is an annoying little sister.


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