Chapter 10

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Lily 's POV:

I DON'T HAVE A DATE TO THE DANCE!!!  Thank the Lord that Vi asked me to go with Pheobe and Gigi as friends. And they said yes thank you Jesus. I can't believe Brian asked Winter. I guess that none of the popular girls would go with him because of Maya. And the none of us would  because of Vi. And Addison (my enemy) already had a date, and it was either Winter or Marcy. Nobody likes Marcy (Vi's enemy). Plus she is really stupid and ugly.

(The day of the dance)

I am so nervous. What do I wear? I finally put on a sleeveless purple dress and put on eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. I put my hair in a French braid, and put on perfume and gray high heels and get in my car. I get there and everyone looked so pretty. Pheobs was wearing a gorgeous red dress and black 2 inch heels. Gigi the genie (we call her the genie because she'll do anythin u ask her) was wearing a pink dress with white heals. And Vi was wearing a black dress with white polka dots on it with black high heels. They looked great! I see to people. Crap they are Colton and Marcy dancing together and laughing!

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