The Son of Hades

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Alex's POV
It was like 9:00 in the morning, I didn't want to get up, nether did Percy, but Annabeth had kept on banging on the door and then later had kicked it down dragging us both out of bed, I reminded myself never to mess with Annabeth ever. We had made it to the mess hall for a late-ish breakfast. Percy grabbed a plate of blue pancakes and I had grabbed a bowl of fresh blueberries. Annabeth she had already had her breakfast early. After Percy had finished his third stack of pancakes we went to the armoury to find me a weapon."Alright!" Percy said clapping his hands together, "So find a weapon you like, Alex you can try it out on he dummies over there." He said pointing towards the platform of moving dummies and obstacles. I sighed there were so many weapons! From bows to daggers to scythes to swords. I didn't know where to start. After trying 20 different weapons, I still hadn't chosen one, but was sure I wanted a sword or scythe. "Hey." Someone said, i turned around to see the raven haired boy from Percy's book standing a couple feet away. He was wearing black jeans with black converse, a skull t-shirt with an aviator jacket on top. "Hey Di Angelo long time no see." Percy said with a grin, giving the boy a fist bump. "So, who's that? "He said pointing at me. "Oh that's my little sister, Alex, I told you about her." Percy said looking back at me telling me to come over. I walked over eyeing my black converse. "Hey Catch!" Someone said as I heard something being released into the air and changing, as it fell, quickly looking up I saw a black ring with a blue sapphire on it fly across the sky changing into a sword, before the sword staged my arm I grabbed it with my right hand. I walked up to Percy and the boy with the raven hair with the sword in my hand, "Pleased to meet you, I'm Nico Di Angelo." I stood there admiring the beautifully handcrafted designs on the sword. All the groves, edges,skulls and blue sapphires carved carefully into the black shiny mental. "So do you like it?" Nico asked I looked up embarrassed as I had gotten lost in my own thoughts. "Yeah." I mumbled ducking my head low so he couldn't see my face. "It's not just a sword, you know." He said with one of his rare smiles I looked up curious "it's a scythe too." My eyes widened surprised. "How's that even possible?!" I asked handing the boy the sword, in a few clicks the sword turned into a scythe, "wow!" I said taking the scythe into my hand, "It's a perfect fit, how did you know?" I asked Nico. Then he smiled one of his rare smiles "I have my ways." He said turning the scythe into a ring and slipping it onto my ring finger (left hand). "Hey, Di Angelo if you dare try anything funny, I will find you, and I will kill you."Percy had said and Annabeth had to drag Percy out of the area, because he wouldn't leave us alone, soon they were gone and Nico and I were left us alone for the rest of the afternoon. Nico had taught me how to change the ring into a sword by tossing it up into the air and to turn the sword into a scythe by pushing one of the skulls on the sword. Then by pushing a gear in place would turn it back into a ring. After hours of training I was able to knock Nico off his feet and have him pinned to the ground. "Ha Nico!" I said, I had finally pinned him down after hours of practice. I collapsed on the ground next to him. We were both exhausted, sweaty and had both taken off our jackets. Nico sighed staring up at the sky, it was all different shades of red, orange, yellow with hints of violet and pink. I could see Nico clearly now his body was lean and muscular, his hair was dark chocolate brown almost black, he had olive coloured skin that stood out against my pale white skin. Percy had said that Nico's sister Bianca had died a long time ago, when he was about 10, that he wasn't really accepted by the other campers because he was a child of hades. I wanted to be Nico's friend, I thought sitting up. Nico I said, can we be friends? "Okay" he said looking up at my face.

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