-Will's P.O.V.-

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A/N: I deleted this because I looked at it and thought it was cheesy so I'm re-writing it.
I was sitting at my desk in Spanish class and I got myself staring at the clock every now and then. I couldn't help it but it's like when I don't distract myself Shelby pops in my head not that she didn't after the first time we made out because she did a lot. About 2 hours the bell rang dismissing everyone to go home for the day so I quickly put my stuff in a bag and straightened up a bit. I stayed for about 3 hours when I saw Shelby standing in the doorway. "Here!" She called walking in and setting her stuff down. "Let me help." She replied as her hand brushed mine taking the books from my hands as I nodded. Once I nodded she put the books on the shelf and straightened it up then went to the chalk board and started erasing when I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. The moment I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind she melted against me and relaxed. "Thanks for helping me." I exclaimed whispering in her ear nibbling her earlobe a bit "You're welcome." She responded her breath hitched a bit and I smiled and began kissing her neck. I heard a noise come from Shelby so I stopped and looked and noticed her eyes were shut and her head was against me indicating to me she was enjoying what I was doing so I kissed her neck and slowly lead them to her collarbone and slowly began turning her around to face me. The moment I turned her around she looked at me and then exchanged the glance to my lips and then back to my eyes I saw a piece of hair infront of her face so I brushed it out and looked in her eyes and slowly leaned towards her and kissed her. I noticed at first she was surprised but she eventually gave in and placed a hand on my face caressing it and began moving her lips with mine. Even now her kissing skills haven't changed she kisses even better than the first time I made out with her. I slowly moved my hands to her ass and pulled her closer to me causing her to moan in response as she slipped her tongue in my mouth. The second her tongue was in my mouth I slowly sucked on it and then I slid my tongue in her mouth as our tongues wrestled with each other. Part of me wanted to rip her dress off right then but the other part said don't screw it up. Feeling to much too soon I pulled away and placed my forehead against hers both of us panting and gasping for breath "What was that for?" Shelby asked her forehead against mine "I needed it." I answered as she smiled softly and pecked my lips then wrapped her arms around me placing her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around protectively and I rocked her softly "I know this may be too soon Shel but I- I think I'm in love with you." I exclaimed as she smiled slightly and looked at me "I was about to tell you the same thing." She replied as I kissed her forehead. "Come on let's continue this at my place." She exclaimed as I nodded taking her hand and we walked out to her car.

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