Carl is by my side in a matter of seconds.

"Sarah! What's wrong?" He asks, leaning down beside me.

I pull his shirt down and don't see a bite.

"Hey what are you doing?" He asks pulling his shirt back up.

I take my gun out and look at how many rounds I have. 6. Full.

"Sarah." He says taking my gun. "What's going on?"

"You-you got b-bit." I poke his arm. "Right there."

"Sarah I'm fine, im fine." He reassures me.

"It felt so real." I mumble.

"What happened?" He asks, pulling me into his arms.

"We were all eating and talking and smiling out by a campfire some beers in the middle of the woods and we got up and walked away and you went back and like walkers attacked and I went running after someone screamed and so I ran after you guys and I saw one bite Maggie and then I saw one bite you and I-I-I-had to-to-"

"Shh it's okay I'm here now. I'm fine." He whispers holding me close.

Rick comes over as the tears fall.

"Hey what's going on over here?" He asks.

"Bad nightmare." Carl whispers.

"You okay?" He asks towards me.

I shrug.

"Well me and Daryl are taking the first watch you two get some sleep." He says and smiles slightly and walks away.

We lay down by the fire on the ground.

I'm freezing even though there's a fire right there.

I open Carl's coat and hug him body so our chests are touching.

"Are you cold?" He whispers.

I nod.

He wraps his arms around me pulling me even closer as my eyes start to droop.


I'm being shooken awake.

"Sarah can you take watch? I'm exhausted." Rick whispers.

I nod and he pats me head before walking off to one of the tents we had.

I sit up and rub the sleep from my eyes.

Carl is snoring softly beside me.

I smile to myself and stand up.

I'm wobbly at first from just waking up but I gain my balance and walk over to the fire that's been put out. 

It's still hot.

I move some of the hot coals together and they start smoking. I blow on them and they produce a small fire and I warm up a bit.

I find some of the dirty water we've collected and put it over the fire.

I keep my knife close as I look around and see everyone sleeping.

Once the waters done I let it cool and drink some.

After an hour or so, I wake up Carl.

"Hey Carl." I shake him slightly.

"Huh what?" He asks, turning over and facing me.

"Can you take watch for me right quick?" I ask.

He nods and sits up.

I hand him the water and stand up.

"Thanks." He smiles and I kiss him cheek before walking over to everyone.

They always take off their dirty clothes before going asleep.

The guys take off their shirts and pants.

The girl take off their over shirts and pants.

I walk over to everyone's tents and sleeping area's and take thier clothes.

I grab my gun before walking over to a lake I found about 50 yards away from camp.

I find the little bank part of it and throw the clothes in.

One by one I scrub them of blood, dirt, swea, grime, until they look partically new.

Newly found, anyways.

I finish and find a long string by the water and pick it up and start going back to camp.

I get there and Carl greets me with a kiss.

I smile and wrap the string around two trees and hang the clothes to dry.

"You did laundry?" Carl laughs.

"Well yes I did. It was an idea. We all can clean up down by there." I smile. "Be clean for once." I mumble.

Soon everyone wakes up and of course they notice their clothes are missing.

"Hey Sarah where are my cloth-" They stop short when they see them hanging on the line.

"I sorta washed them." I say. "They aren't exactly clean but they're all cleaner."

"Thank you!" Maggie beams.

"They should be dry by now." I say. "I would go clean up before I put them on. There a lake with blue blue water that's nice and fresh." 

She smiles.

"Come on." She says and grabs me.

"Ladies first!" She yells at Glenn and the guys.

I laugh and follow her.

She strips all her clothes, or what clothing she has on, as do I and follow after her.

I wash everything from my body.

The dirt.

The blood.

The scratches.

The scabs.

The memories.

Wash it all away.

We get down and we get dressed and put on our clean clothes.

The guys wash themselves and they get dressed as well.

We all eat and start moving on.


We're walking down a street, carrying some supplies and trying to find somewhere to be safe. To have everyone sleep at the same times. Not take turns watching around ourselves.

Carl takes my hand as we walk. 

We walk a few more hours until it starts raining, after a few minutes, we come across a warehouse.

We all go inside after we clear it out of course, and we all sit down, listening to the rain pouring on the roof.

It's kinda of relaxing, ya know. The rain making a soft pelting sound on the roof. Relaxing everyone. We were starting a fire and roasting rabbit and squirrel on it.

After we eat, we all lay down and try to sleep.

I think everyone starts dozing off.

Until the doors open and we hear three horrifing words.

"Wake up assholes."

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