Chapter 1

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Brittney Pov
She Said Yes. Ever Since We've Meet I Always Thought She Was The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. When She Would Get Mad At Me And Would Cry I Felt Horrible. Rocky Means Everything To Me I Love Her With All My Heart I Don't Know What I Would Do Without Her.
---------Skipping To Lunch--------
Rocky POV
Brit and I Were On Our Way To Lunch.
"A Bitch Get Off My Girl!"
"Who You Calling A Bitch?!"
"Yo Stank Ass"
After That All I Saw Was Red. I Tackled Her And Started Pounding Her Head In The Floor. It Took The Teachers To Get Her Off Of Me.

"Your behavior is unacceptable" Mr.Willis said
"You have a 10 day suspension"
I Walked Out Of Her Office And Texted My Boo.

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StinkaButt😍: I got a Ten Day Suspension.
DaddyBrit:Mane you shouldn't even go down for that.
StinkaButt😍: Ik But I'm finna go to your house.
DaddyBrit:Ok Bae See You After School. Love You
StinkaButt:Love you too.
I Got In Britt's Car And Blasted Blame It On Me. That's My Shit For Real Thoe.
---------------Skipping To Britt's House-----------------
I got out the car and unlocked the door since she had me a key made. I walked to her room and changed into one of her sports bras, basketball shorts. I was tired so I went to sleep.
Brit Pov
After school ended Rocky took my car so one of my boys took me home.
"Thanks Man." I Said
"No problem."
I got in the house and went to my room and saw Rocky asleep in one of my sports bras and DAMN my baby got a body on some real shit.I decided to tease her and wake her up by kissing her neck then her stomach the her lips.
"I want you Britt. NOW!"
"Then take Me."
She flipped us over were she was on top and started kissing me passionately. I flipped us over and started to take off her bra showing her nice breast.
"Are you sure bae?"
"Yes I love you."
I started taking off her shorts and panties and started licking her kitty. She tasted like Skittles.Lol.
She started to moan and squirm and that turned me on even more. I got out the strap and put it on and slid inside her making her arch her back going at a slow pace, speeding up.
"Fuck Me Harder!!!"
I got faster and faster and she came and we collapse on the bed and went to sleep.

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