"So is that, like, your boyfriend?"

I choke on my water and spray Kyson.

He shrieks and wipes himself off.

"What the heck Ads!"

I glare at him. It's been an hour since we both got home. Here's a hint Kyson, if I'm mad at you about something, don't ask about it.

"What would make you even think something like that?" I demand.

Kyson looks down at the 'amazing dinner he made for us'. Aka: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

"I don't know! You just act different around him. And apologize a lot." Kyson explains, looking somewhat troubled. My forehead creases as I give him a confused look.

"I don't act different around him. He's just really quiet and nerdy and won't talk to me and I find it frustrating." I reply stubbornly. Kyson rolls his eyes.

"Whatever you say."

I huff. Kyson needs to stop acting high and mighty. It's really getting old. With a squeak I push back my chair and walk over to where Kyson is, hovering over his lap and glaring at him in what I hope is a scary way.

He makes a weird noise and his eyes widen. I jam my finger in his face.

"Listen. I don't know what your personal issue is but you should just get over it." I say evenly. Kyson puts down his sandwich and gives me an incredulous look.

"I'm the one with a personal issue? Yeah I don't think so. You have some massive secret that you won't even tell your best friend, and recently you've been ignoring my texts and calls and flirting with gay medical majors!" He spats angrily.

I brush off his comment about my secret. Now is not the time. I'm not ready yet, and I refuse to be pressured.

"Ashton is not gay!" I defend loudly. Evidently, this may not have been my best move. Kyson pushes back his chair and stands so he's taller than me.

"And now you're defending some guy you just met. Ads, you can't even see what's right in front of you and honestly, at this point, I'm not sure you ever will." His voice is controlled and quiet, which is dangerous. I narrow my eyes. What is he talking about?

This is escalating quickly. Just an hour ago I was mad at him and now he's turing the tables on me. I was just telling him he needs to stop acting like a 40 year old parent.

"Kyson you're not making any sense. Look, I'm sorry for getting in your face. I've just been stressed with school and I guess I was being a little sensitive about the whole Ashton thing. I think you should go to your place for a while so we can both calm down." I say, letting out a breath.

Kyson runs his hands through his hair. He just nods, grabs his jacket, and walks out the door. No goodbye or anything.

I sit back on the couch and stare at the ceiling. He's being a drama king, and we both know I've always been a drama queen. The combination isn't good, but Kyson should know by now that I hate when people leave me. I know I told him to leave, but I didn't actually think he'd do it! He never has before, he usually tells me that he's staying until we work it out.

I could never actually kick Kyson out. I don't want to be left to my own thoughts, and the bad ones creep up in times like this.

Turning on the television, I check my phone to see if Ky has texted me. I sigh when I see that he hasn't. I change the channels without really knowing what's on, my mind spinning.

Kyson didn't seem to like Ashton. It's odd because he's usually really good with new people. Maybe it was just because he was concerned about me, but he seemed almost...jealous that me and Ashton were talking. I scoff out loud. There is no way Kyson is jealous. He said so himself that he thinks Ashton is just a gay medical major! I shouldn't let Ashton get under my skin, but he has, and now I can't get him out. He just seems like a challenge and I want to figure it out. His intelligent, hazel eyes and dimples, the way he thinks about every response before saying it-

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