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Now that I have told you my life and my family let me tell you about me. My name is Piper. I am 12, brown eyed, super picky, and there was something else... yeh that's right I'm kind of forgetful. But I got it where it counts like I said I got common sense not to run into I wall. Unless I forget that... Urg I forget I have English homework. The other thing I have brown hair too. But I am not talking about that now, because I have go do my homework. That is me, now do you know anyone who can help me write a short story. Everyone thinks I am good at writing because I always have my head in this book, but have have a hard time putting my thoughts down paper.

I start writing and keep and make this unbelievable story. A girl, a boy like any good story. They meet in a alley with the girl working at the diner and finds the boy trying to find food. It is the romance novel ever. If my teacher sees potential in you they keep pushing you. Literally one time the teacher pushed me into a wall. While I got to go but don't go anywhere. Ha, ha, I just found out that was not funny. The punishment of society.... I guess it is getting pushed into a wall???

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