Chapter one

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Today the day I have been dreading, well it would be quite rude to say I am dreading it as my best friend Valencia had just invited me to her party at her house. She had even bought me a tight short black sparkly pencil dress to wear. I mean it was a beautiful dress but I don’t feel confident enough to wear it. What if people look at me weird if my bum looks weird in the dress, or my bum looks saggy and odd in the dress? Even though many people such as my mum and Valencia say I have a nice figure. Oh and another thing is that it has been now 8 years since I haven’t worn a dress, even the last time I wore a dress I was kind of forced by my mum to wear it. I mean I am not the type to go partying and stuff, I’d much rather stay at home drinking some hot chocolate and going on the internet. However Valencia is a girl who loves to party and go out every Friday night, she is totally different to me and sometimes I wonder how the fuck is she friends with me. Valencia is so much prettier than me and she would always have hot guys around her at all times. Plus Valencia is a sociable person, she likes to socialise with all people and I am completely the opposite I did not like being around people.

I finally enter my small room after eating my lunch. I open my brown wooden wardrobe to reveal a whole bunch of trousers and band t-shirts and that one dress Valencia got me. I stare at it blankly thinking whether or not I should take it out and get ready, or just wear my usual band t-shirt and trousers for the party. But I can’t disappoint Valencia though, she had paid £40 for this dress and if I do not wear it she is going to be upset. I slowly stretch my arm towards the hanger the dress is hanging on, and with a nervous face I quickly pull it out and gently lay it on my bed. I quickly walk over to my little bed side table to look at the time. It was already 2:30 and Valencia is coming over at 3:00 to do my hair and makeup. I hurriedly take off my pyjamas off and go into my bathroom to have a shower. Whilst in the shower quick thoughts came to my mind. What if people at the party think I am weird? What if people think I am ugly? What will all the hot guys there think about me? Anyway I have no time to think about those things at the moment and maybe just concentrate on the positive side. Maybe people will like me, maybe I won’t look weird at all and maybe just maybe some hot guys will notice me in a good way. I finally get out of the shower to get changed. But the doorbell rang before I could even pick up the dress and put it on. I walk over to my front door quickly as I do not want Valencia to be waiting for long outside in the bitter cold.

“Hey Lara! Ready for the party!” Valencia says storming into my apartment as if it was hers.

“I was nearly ready until you rang!” I say quickly following her in direction towards my room.

Valencia quickly takes a seat on the wooden chair in the corner of the room and quickly takes out her mobile and looks at it with deep concentration.

“So Lara are you going to get ready or you just going to stand there like a lemon?” She asks letting out a small giggle.

“I will get ready when you go out!” I say pointing towards the door with a smile.

“Okay then!” She says starting to walk out of my room slowly but pleasantly.

I close the door behind her and I quickly stare at the dress once again and quickly stare back at the door to check whether she has gone completely too finally get dressed into this dress for once and for all. I grab my plain black strapless bra and knickers and put them on quickly, I do not want to keep Valencia waiting for long as she is pretty impatient. I swiftly grab the dress and with a bit of struggle as it was so tight against my curvy figure. I can’t believe I am wearing a dress after all these years. I quickly have a look at myself in my mirror to see myself, and to be honest in my opinion it did not look as bad as I thought it would on me. This does not mean I like dresses now, I am just wearing a dress as Valencia had told me to. I finally head towards my wooden door to show Valencia.

“Aww Lara you look gorgeous!” She says giving me a friendly hug as I enter my living room.

“Thanks Valencia! Just remember this is the only time I am going to wear a dress!” I say laughing.

“Umm really? You really do look beautiful in dresses I have to say. But whatever you say Lara! Let’s go and do your makeup then!” She says enthusiastically.

We both head rapidly into my room so she can start doing my makeup. I head over to the wooden chair to sit down and let her start with my makeup. I never wear makeup, so I am literally not prepared for this at all. But I let her do my makeup as she literally begged me every day, so I agreed so she would leave me alone. Valencia then empties her makeup bag revealing all her expensive makeup from Mac.

“Lara please don’t smudge your makeup because I literally got you foundation and concealer your complexion from Mac and it was expensive!” She says sternly.

“Alright, but I never asked you to buy me anything from Mac. I didn’t want to wear makeup in the first place” I reply.

Without a reply Valencia takes out the concealer and gently dabs little bits on where I had spots and pores and she blends it in. She then applies my foundation to make my skin look clear as fuck. After that she applies dark smoky eye shadow and a thin line of eyeliner with a little wing. She then grabs the mascara and gently applies it to my eyelashes making them look longer and thicker. She finally fills in my eyebrows a bit to give them shape and red lipstick to colour and shape my lips.

“Oh Lara, go and look at yourself in the mirror…” She says putting her hand on her face surprised.

I slowly walk over to my mirror worrying how I would look like. Not saying I will look bad, just probably not going to recognise myself under the thick layer of makeup on my face.

“Valencia, it is really nice thanks for doing this for me, you really didn’t have to!” I say looking back Valencia finally smiling.

“No problem, and any time you want me to do it again you just call me, or I can teach you how to apply it yourself!” She says letting out a small giggle.

“So are you ready for the party?” I ask giving her the childish gesture of a thumbs up with a childish smile on my face.

“Yep, ready. But first let me take a selfie!” She says pulling me beside her and putting her mobile in the air to take a selfie.

“Come on let’s go!” I say excited, I don’t know why I am so excited. But I guess Valencia has encouraged me to more about this party and everything.

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