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"I'll adopt her." I whispered noticing Emilia was asleep. She smiled at me. "Are you sure? She's a very special girl, she needs attention all the time." She said and I nodded. "I'll be there for her." I said and she smiled.

"I'll collect her things. Why don't you wait in the main room." She said taking a little bag out of the closet. I nodded and walked out of the room back down the hall.


We were all anxious. I told Simon what Louis was doing and he was angry, but impressed of his idea. We had a meeting with him at 2:00 and it was 9:32 right now.

Louis came into the main room with a little girl. She was asleep but she looked so weak and fragile. She was so skinny. Both of her feet were bandaged. Louis was holding her carefully in his arms. He looked like he was crying.

"Who's this?" Zayn asked breaking the silence. He stood by Zayn looking at the little girl. "Emilia. She's 4 months old." Louis said smiling a bit and stroking her cheek gently with his thumb. "What happened?" Niall asked motioning to her feet. "I'll tell you when we get home. But I'm adopting her." He said and we nodded.

He signed the papers and the two talked about her conditions and what he had to do and from the parts we overheard, it sounded terrible. He came back out and smiled at us reassuringly and we left.

We still had time before the meeting so we went back to the house. "We have to go shopping for her." I said and he nodded. We sat down and Louis had Emilia in a sitting position on his lap. She was still sleeping, soft snores came from her little mouth.

Louis just spilled it all. What everyone has done little Emilia. "They burned and cut her feet. They threw her around, barely fed her." He said wiping some tears from his cheeks. It's like visiting Africa, but it's just a little baby.

Harry was curled up in a chair with tears in his eyes. "Why would they do that to her?" He asked and Louis shook his head. "I don't know." He said and we sighed. I looked at the time and it was 1:30. "We should go." I said and they sighed and nodded.

We all got into the car and we stayed in silence not wanting to awaken Emilia. We heard a cute little kitten yawn and looked back to see Emilia and Louis looking at each other. Emilia had a confused face on and Louis was smiling at her. "Hi Emmy. Did you have a good nap?" He asked and Emilia giggled.

We pulled up and went into Simon's office. His face was stern when we came in, but softened when he saw Emilia in Louis' arms. "Who's this cutie?" He asked and Louis smiled. "This is Emilia Tomlinson." He said and Simon smiled at Louis.

Louis looked so proud holding Emilia in his arms. We had the meeting which was mainly about Emilia and tour. We were discussing tour dates when Emilia started whimpering and fisting Louis' shirt. "You should go. We can discuss another time." Simon said and we smiled and left.

When we got out Paul and Preston immediately joined us because fans were gathered up outside screaming. "We can't go out there!" Louis said motioning to a crying Emilia. Paul went into his office and gave Louis earmuffs for Emilia.

Louis hid her face in his jacket and held her close. "You know a lot about parenting for an 19 year old Lou." Harry said. "I grew up with 4 younger sisters. What do you expect?" Louis asked and Emilia's head appeared from his jacket.

We laughed and she rested her head on his shoulder with her face facing his neck. We went out and screams and questions went off.

Who's the girl?

Why is she there?

That baby is so lucky!

Lucky bitch!

Useless child!

Louis glared at the girls who called Emilia names. Emilia was scared shitless by the noise. When we got into the car Emilia pushed off the earmuffs and started to cry. Louis cradled her in his arms. "It's okay baby. It's okay, shh." He cooed rubbing her lower back and she fell asleep.

"How did you do that?" Paul asked. "Mum did it to Daisy and Phoebe." He said and he nodded. We decided we had to shop so we went to the mall.

We all went to Baby R Us and went to the clothes. Niall and Harry went to the food and kitchen appliances for Emilia. We went to room appliances. Paparazzi were out, but we ignored it. We bought a crib that attached to a bed which would be Louis'.

We got a changing table and tons toys. Emilia was attracted to a small teddy bear and so we bought it for her. We went up to pay and the teen there looked bored as hell but instantly was shocked to see us. "Your total is £68." She said and we handed her the money and took the stuff and walked out to meet with Niall and Harry who walked out soon after us with bags.

"Now, clothes." I said and we walked to a different store and got tons of onesies and tons of cute outfits for her. We went home after that and set everything up in Louis' room which was surprisingly clean.

He had the crib attached to his bed and a changing table in the corner. He had tons of toys and we put an extra crib in the living room and more toys there. Louis was sitting on his bed playing with Emilia who was giggling.

We took tons of pictures and he didn't even care. "I love you so much Emmy." He said tickling her little belly. She giggled and smiled up at him. "Why would someone do something so cruel to you?" He whispered and we left them alone.

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