In A Familiar Place

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I wake up in a bed room chained to a bed.  I look around studying everything around me there is a dresser with a TV on top of it and a bedside table.  There is also of course a closet and a bathroom.  It looks familiar where have I seen this before.  Then I remembered. 
Flash back

Jake: let's go upstairs

Me: ok

We walk up the stairs and down the hallway there is a door cracked open on my left with only a bed,  TV,  dresser, and a bedside table.  I wondered who's room that was.  I turned to my right and walked into Jakes room and we watched a movie.
End of flash back

I always wondered what this room was for and now I knew it was a room for his hostage.  I started to cry knowing I was in his house knowing what he had done to me that made me break up with him and avoid him.  I looked down at my body relieved to know that I had on clothes.  Then Jake came through the door I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.
Jakes pov

I walk in the room that used to be our guest room but now that my dad is sick I took it over. I see Ali quickly close her eyes and pretend to be asleep.  I smile. 

I know you're awake baby girl.  I said in the sweetest voice I could brushing back some of her hair.  I knew she hated when I called her baby girl.  She still stayed "asleep"  so I had to think of something else.  I sat next to her on the bed then lifted the blanket.  I slipped inside the blankets next to her.  I pulled my body really close to her and wrapped my arms around her waist.  I smirk as she jumped a little. She asks like she still sleeping but adjusts her position as far away as possible since she's chained down.  I pull close to her again.  And kiss her lips.  She immediately opens her eyes.  I laugh. I lean in for another kiss but she turns her head away.
Alis pov

I finally give in when he kisses me.  Then he leans into me for another kiss I turn my head away before his lips touch mine.  He climbs out of the blankets and sits on the bed. 

M: What am I doing here!  I screamed tears start flowing from my eyes.

J: I told you were going to help each other were both in a hard place so we need each other's help.

M: I don't need your help I hate you!  So if I didn't want help why did you still make me come?

J: Because you do need help but you don't know it yet.  Now quit crying.

M: I start to stop my tears and ask then why am I chained down if I'm here to help you and your helping me.

J: Because you would beat the crap out of me if I let you out of those chains right now I don't trust you yet.

M: Just let me go I shouldn't be here I should be with my mom.

J: I'm going to make dinner you calm down.

Jack leaves the room and I start crying again knowing he's not going to let me go.  I cry myself to sleep then suddenly I'm woke up by a knock on  the door I open my eyes and see Jake coming in.  He has a sandwich.  You hungry?  He asks.  I shake my head yes.  He sits on the bed and holds the sandwich to my mouth I take a bite. After a while I'm done eating and he holds a drink up to my lips he tips it up as the water runs down my throat.  I start coughing and he stops.  Sorry I didn't mean to do that he said.  He left the room and I fell right back asleep.  I wake up the next day really cold except for something warm next to me.  I look over and see Jake asleep.  I wonder when he came in there.  Then I get even colder I look down and realize that I was naked.  I scream.  Jake suddenly wakes up.  Tears start streaming down my face.


M:  Why?  Why did you.

J: I told you you're here to help me. *smirks

M: HOW is that supposed to help me? 

J: It's not yours will come with the comfort of someone to talk to and cuddle with.

M: That will never comfort me!  But how did you with  out me waking up.

J: There was sleep meds in your food and drink I made sure to overdose you.

M: I hate you!!

J: shoe go to sleep it's OK.

Jake started singing a song that was really familiar it was a lullaby.  (pretend that he made up safe and sound ok?)
Jakes pov

I started to sing the song I made up for her.  It was about the first time we broke up I never got to make up the chorus and the rest of the song so after we broke up for good and her mom was put in the hospital I finished it.  I got to the chorus " just close your eyes you'll be all right come morning light you and I will be safe and sound."  she fell fast asleep.  I decided it wasn't a good idea to let her wake up naked again so I grabbed some of her underwear she left here and one of my shirts and put them on her.  I slipped on some boxers and laid down beside her and fell fast asleep. 
Alis pov

I woke up Jakes sleeping next to me and I was dressed somewhat.  I fringed at the idea of him dressing me.  My arms Hurt from being chained above my head for so long and I wish I could put them down.  I close my eyes and fall back asleep.  I wake up to Jake plant a peck on my cheek.

J: good morning baby girl.  *smiles

M: Don't call me that! 

J: But I live that nick name for you.

M: Well I don't.

J: I have to tell you something.

M: What? 

J: I think I'm falling in love with you again.


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Bye Lovelies! 

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