Chapter 19

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Me and Alfie stared at each other looking as confused as ever. Just as we broke the gaze my mum walked in with a golden envelope. Ooo, fancy. She handed it to me and me and Alfie both began to open it when Alfie took out the paper and it read:

To Alfie and Natalie,
We have sent this to all of: Ellie, Megan,Freddie,Mason,Alfie,Natalie's parents. While you guys were at the camping trip, we all got together and we all decided we want to give you a surprise when you return. Turn this paper over and reveal the supprise.

Me and Alfie looked at each other and smiled.

We have all decided that you 6 will be going to Miami and staying in a 5 star hotel. You will be paired for the rooms, sorry there isn't a big enough room we could get a five but we didn't wanna leave one out. You've been good kids, you deserve it. You will be going in 2 weeks time sorry for the short notice love you all <3

Me and Alfie looked at each other again, then smiled and ran up to my mum and hugged her. My phone vibrated in my pocket and the screen lit up with Megan's name.

"Hellooooo you got the news I'm so excited!" Megan screamed down the phone.
"Mee tooooo" I squealed back.
"Can I talk to Alfie I want to deafen him with my screams too!" I distanced the phone from my ear and passed the phone to Alfie.

Alfie walked outside. I tried to be nosey and eavesdrop but all I heard was:
"Shhhh, I'm going to go death!"
"Yep, happy"
"Yeah, mhm, sounds good"
"Yeah that's good with me"
"Good plan"

Alfie was heading towards the door and I dashed to the dining tables seat and pretended that I was working something out. I wonder what they were talking about, meh doesn't concern me I guess. Now I think about it, I guess I am working something out, Im not lying then right?

"What's up?" Alfie sat down opposite me.
"Just working something out..." I rubbed my temples, I knew he was going to ask-
"Why?" He asked, it's like he read my mind.
"Ermm, there's six of us right in a t-two people room and who's who?" I didn't make any sense but it's the first thing that came to my head.
"oh yeah, I forgot... Ermm I'm with you again. Don't kill me?" He phrased it like he was asking me for permission.
"I don't mind anyway, if I was with Megan she'd draw on my face when I'd sleep." I was telling the truth, plus I didn't mind. It make up for the chance I missed at the camp trip.
"The beds are these cool double things you can pull to make a single and that, I saw a picture of the basic things in a room" Alfie described the picture.

So many fantasies went through my head, I can't believe I was imagining these kind of things. Me and Alfie in a room, just think, all that alone time at night and them awesome hot chocolates he makes. We could watch all girly movies because I know he won't care. Maybe this was a good opportunity to tell him my feelings for real this time. Well, I don't really know anymore, I guess I'm going to see what the room has in stock for me.

Alfie went home around 5 o'clock.

I decided I wanted to go to bed quite early today so I could stay awake for the sleepover tomorrow and I was tired anyway. So, I was going to have a bath now then bed straight after.

I turned in the hot water and poured in the strawberry bubble bath. I stood up and watched the bubbles form and how nice and hot it looked. I love a nice soak in the bath. I walked out the room and went to get my things and I made sure I had my phone for music or whatnot. I switched the hot tap off and ran the cold tap for about 30 seconds.

I just remembered that I had the AY playlist. I put my phone on the side and pressed play. Ed Sheeran was playing and I was just about to get to the chorus when *Ding Ding* my phone buzzed. It was Megan again.

Megan:Heyyy I forgot to tell you about the rooms...

Me: Yeah I know Im with Alfie.

Megan: you're welcome ;)

Me: thank you

Megan: wait what, aren't you mad?

Me: no I figured the more time I spend with him the more feelings I get. Hopefully it will make me tell him.

Megan: I heard about the ermm tent when we were asleep ;)

Me: what exactly did you hear and who from?

Megan: Actually Alfie told me and you guys kissed you guys were getting it on weren't ya? ;) Gurl you're already half way there to telling him you like him. Or at least he might get a hint.

Me: hmm, good point I gotta go have some food byeeeee <3

I put my phone down and thought to myself. Why would Alfie tell her that. I guess I should just stop worrying about everything and start worrying about how I'm going to tell this guy. Why are guys so complicated? I couldn't be bothered to think about it right now so I put my phone down and laid down in the bath. This should make my skin nice and smooth. Ooo, wait I have a face mask in here somewhere. I looked on the side where all of the bath things were and I saw a strawberry face mask. God, I have a strawberry obsession. My skin is going to look and feel luxurious.

After a while, I finally managed to get energy to get out of the bath. By the time I managed this, it was about 8 o'clock. I wonder if Alfie's still awake. I ran out from the bath room and into my room and opened the curtains. Mine and Alfie's houses were literally centimetres away from each other. Sometimes, we used to sneak through each other's windows and into the other ones house. Ah, they were the best. I laid back on my bed i between my fluffy white cushions and stared at the ceiling.

10 minutes later, a paper airplane landed on my floor. I just stared at it, and two minutes later I decided to go over and pick it up.

'Goto the window'

I got up and opened the window. I drew open the curtains to see Alfie standing there. Next thing you know, he jumps through my window and lands straight on the floor.I couldn't help myself but laugh. He pouted like a little kid then started laughing again.

"Hey Alfie... Nice of you to drop by?" I said, a little confused.
"Yeah I wanted to ask you something." He said and he was rubbing his neck.
"Which is....." I said slowly.
"So my mums going out tonight and I'm going to be alone and I don't want to be alone... I know I sound stupid but do you wanna do something?" He asked.
"Um what like?" I asked in response to his question.
"Anything, my mum will be back just late. What things do you wanna do anyway?" He said, raising one eyebrow.
"I got an idea" i said, and smirked at him.
"And what's that?" He asked, his confused look suited him.
"We could buy some stuff to scare the others, like a big scare because we never got the chance to scare them at the camp did we?" I brought up the subject of our scaring plan again.
"But how in the world could we scare them..." We both said in unison.
"I have an idea" Alfie smirked at me and I knew instantly what he was thinking...

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