Part 13

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A Few Weeks Later that year

*Summers pov*

"What's happening to me?" I looked in the mirror, as I got up from puking over the toilet bowl. I looked at my dark circles, and continued to stare at my reflection. I was stuck for a moment before leaving the bathroom.

"Hey, babe! You alright?" Dandy grabbed my waist and observed me.

"Yeah.. I'm alright. I'm going to grab things at the store." I put my coat on and hurried out.

I ran to the store, that was thankfully around the corner, and was open. As I entered, I directed myself towards the 'ladies' aile. I inspected the products on the shelf until I saw what I needed. I quickly took the pregnancy test and bought it along with food.

While Dandy ate his lunch, I took a trip to the bathroom. As any other woman would do, I peed on the stick and waited patiently for the results. 

This was one of the moments that I could not sustain. It was excruciating until I heard a sound. I looked over to where the pregnancy test was, and hurried over. 

It was positive.

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