Chapter 6

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Today is five month anniversary. We broke up there for a while because he needed to focus on his parents a little bit more. It leukemia might come back he's not sure. His mom might have cancer so he has to take care of her for a while. His dad is getting back surgery. So he also has to take of his dad too. The reason why he broke up with me for that, because he didn't want me to be mad or upset that I couldn't talk to him for two weeks. I told him I wouldn't be upset or mad if you told me that we couldn't talk for a while, but he still said it was for the best. It's ok and I understand. We still talked for those days. A week went by and he asked me if I wanted to get back with. I said yes. I would never say no to him about anything. I just don't want to hurt that's all. He is the best thing that happened in my life. He is absolutely everything I could want. I would give up everything just to keep him forever. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. There is times that I get mad at him but I get over it in like two minutes if that. I can't stay mad at him forever. I love it when we talk on the phone because when we get upset with each other I tell him on not talking to him for a few minutes and he like no I'm sorry babe please talk to me and I don't. Not until five minutes is up. I laugh at him the entire time, because he telling the people in the background that I don't love him no more and I don't want to talk to him no more. It's hilarious. Then when the five minutes is up he talk to him and then he gets all excited. It's so freakin cute when he does that. Wanna know what's really adorable? When he says M&M. He sounds so cute when he says it. Every time we talk on the phone I always have him say it. He thinks that my laugh is adorable, because I always snort when I laugh at so,etching he says. My laugh is not cute. Not at all. It just hurts that he doesn't believe me anymore. He doesn't want me no more. He wants nothing to do with me no more.

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