Chapter 1

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"You're worth nothing." "Nobody likes you." "Get a life" came into my head as I sat on the curb trying to cry all of my sorrow out of me. I get bullied by a group of people I my school, that stuck up group of people that thinks that they better than everyone. Today Staci and her boyfriend Jake followed me home. Mostly everyday after school I walk along the train tracks a couple minutes from my house. As I walked onto the railroad covered by a bridge, I heard something crack. "Shit." I thought to myself as I stood up from my concrete ledge ad searched for a person who is trying to beat me up again. Almost everyday at school my bullies hurt me, physically and emotionally. I pulled up my sleeve and got reminded of the dark bruise lining my arm. "So this is where you disappeared to." I hear the voice I most dread. Staci. She walked up to me as her little boy toy jake followed closely behind her. "Please stop, I've had enough, I'll do what you want just please stop." I begged. "Maybe we should think about that Jake, or maybe it would be less painful for her if we just end her life since she doesn't want to suffer anymore, how's that sound baby." she said in a bitchy tone towards her boyfriend putting her lip out in a form of pout. "Sounds good babe." He said as he took a step towards me. I turned around and dashed towards my house as fast as I could. I heard loud footsteps following close behind me until all went dark.
When I woke up I was thrown into a nearby bush by the train tracks. I felt something wet on my hand and slowly lifted my hand up to my head due to the fact that I couldn't move any faster due to the pain that is thrusting through my whole body. Blood ran down my finders and I felt the dash in my forehead. I tried to stand up slowly but it wasn't that easy. I felt a bolt I pain strike through my left leg. I managed to stand up and searched for an easy was up the ledge to the railroad tracks. As u linked up the edge I searched my pocket for my phone. None. Who was I going to call anyways, my mom? Yeah right if she kew about this she would make everything worse. Only one person had sympathy for me, my friend Emma. She is the only person I had ever told about my horrible experiences with Staci and her group. I arrived on the curb about a fourth of a mile from the school. I pulled a wrinkled up tissue out of my backpack that had surprisingly remained on my back. I wiped my bloody forehead off with it sparing the piece of the tissue left. I dipped It into a little clear stream that was dripping along the sidewalk. I wiped the dry blood off my forehead and pulled out the cover up that I carry in my bag everyday. I usually get beat up everyday so I carry it with me to cover up my bruises and scars from my mother. I gathered my bloody tissues and threw them in a nearby Garbage can. I limped home to see that my mom wasn't home yet either. I rushed into the house as fast as I could as much as it hurt. I picked up a note on the counter written on a price of paper by my mom. "Sorry, I will have to stay at work until late tonight. I left you a box of macaroni and cheese out on the counter, make It when you are ready. Love you ~Mom."
I limped Up the stairs and put my muddy backpack onto my bed. I can't wait until summer vacation.

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