Chapter 3

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Driving home was the only thing Belle had in mind when she reached her car. Finally, she could go home. She put herself in the vehicle and drove away from school.

When she reaches her new home she feels relaxed as she walks through the door. Her dad sat at their round breakfast table drinking coffee out of a white mug.

"Hello, Papa," Belle greets her loving father. Instantly, he smiled up at Belle and pulled out a chair for her to sit down in. Belle nodding in understanding as she sat humbly in her seat looking at him. When you would think he was ready to speak he would back out cowardly and take another sip of his warm drink. Belle waits patiently, her smile never leaving her face.

"Belle," her father started, "I have a favor to ask of you." Belle nods. "You see, I was at work when I was greeted by the head of the company."

Belle interrupted him, "Well, too bad it wasn't the elbow!" She giggled at her own little joke. Her father more grimaced than laughed. Understanding it wasn't a time to joke--never mind a horrible one--she sat silently.

"I sort have, might have, gotten fired." Belle's dad stumbled on his words.

The room went silent.

"B-but I met his son! And-"

"I already have a boyfriend and I wouldn't think you would go so low and make me date him to keep your job!" Belle was astonished at what he was saying. "You can't keep giving me blind dates dad! I already have Peter!" By this time, Belle had stood up trying to relax under this tension.

"No! No, I wouldn't do that!" Belle watched him, he understood she wasn't going to say anything and decided to continue further. "He recognized our last name and asked if I was related to you." He paused to watch Belle's reaction, she wouldn't give away what she was thinking. "I said yes and he talked to his father away from me. When he came back, smiling and all, and said I can keep my job under one condition." Belle didn't like the sound of this. "The condition was that I had to take pictures of you and him instead of scenery, which is what I'm used to, for six months." This photograph company was sounding fishy to Belle.

"So I have to model with a stranger so you can keep your job?" She wanted to say. Instead it came out as, "Okay."

Her father smiled with gratitude.

"Thank you so much, Belle! I will try to make it as bearable as I can. Modeling is on every Thursday, the rest of the week you have off, for six months." Before Belle could say anything, Maurice had run off dialing, presumably, the company to say she agreed.

"She said yes!" Belle heard her father shout into the phone. She was right.

* * *

Thursday has approached Belle more quickly than she would prefer. Each day consisted the same: Asher following her and giving her the puppy eyes--which she still has no idea why, boring classes, and a shit load of homework. And now, on top of all that, it's Thursday. Belle still doesn't know who she is modeling with. She feels insecure, which she rarely feels, and hates it. She knows she is pretty, but she also knows that she isn't beautiful. Hardly pretty enough to be a model. Or, at least, that's what she feels about it.

Belle shuffles her feet towards the buses, her not having a car today was dreadful, when she hears her name being called. Turning around, she sees the one and only Asher Eckhart. He waves her over and she ponders if she could just keep walking and act as if she never saw him. Stop it, Belle. You're usually not like this, be nice. Feeling ashamed for thinking of this plan, she starts her way to Asher.

"Hey, Belle!" Asher catches up, "Want a ride?" He smiles cheerfully.

"Oh, no that's okay." Belle smiles kindly. Once again, Belle could have sworn Asher whimpered. She had never been in this type of situation before, one where a guy whimpers when the girl doesn't go with him, and she definitely hadn't read a situation like this in any of her books.

"But if it's not too much trouble-"

"Oh!" Asher smiles happily at the consideration, "No trouble at all! We are going to model anyways together." Belle, with this unexpected information, tripped. Luckily, Asher was there to catch her with ease.

"Excuse me, sorry." Belle is quick to apologize, blushing hysterically.

"Don't worry about it," Asher stares at Belle as she bends over to pick up her dropped phone that was in her hand before. Belle, feeling uncomfortable under this intense stare, starts walking without Asher in the direction they were going before.

"It's this way, Belle!" Asher shouts over chuckling, he knows the effect on Belle he causes. Belle, trying not to show embarrassment, turns around and follows the new direction.

Soon the two were taking a long ride to the photography company, which just recently turned into a magazine, called Just Click, a very cliché title in Belle's opinion. Belle's father has been wandering around the country to find a perfect job where he gets recognized for his unique talent. Many don't understand his "inventions" but he doesn't give up. Some think he is crazy for it, but it's what Belle admires about her father. He takes pictures of scenery or machines, anything really that doesn't speak, he likes to be by himself. That is why this job, taking pictures of her and Asher, concerned Belle. She didn't know how he was going to react or get used to this new occupation.

Sooner or later the two had arrived.

The brick building stood looming over the two that was at least four stories high. It might not seem impressive, but to Belle, this was a huge improvement for her father. Belle grabs her floral backpack and walks with Asher. Hearing the buzzing of her phone, Belle takes out her IPhone and sees who is calling her. Her brown eyes went wide in remembrance, it was her boyfriend, Peter. She forgot to call him after bumping into Asher at school the first day. She quickly accepts the call.

"Hello?" Belle said quietly. Asher was watching Belle curiously.

"Belle! You didn't call! I was worried!" Belle quickly apologizes to her boyfriend.

"I know, I'm sorry babe," Asher's eyes went wide.

They continued to talk shortly about their day when Asher roughly says, "We have to go now." Belle nods in acknowledgement and hangs up after their goodbyes.

"Who was that?" Asher asks, already knowing the answer.

"Oh, um, my boyfriend Peter, Peter Legume." Belle blushes after saying the word "boyfriend." Even after a year of dating she still blushes thinking about how she has a boyfriend.

"Your boyfriend?" Asher almost growls. Belle took a side step away from Asher, afraid of him. He notices and tries to calm down and gets closer to Belle, not liking the distance between them.

"Er- yes, my boyfriend," She squeaks, "We've been dating a year." Asher nods, trying to contain himself.

"Well, we better get to your father for the job." Asher grabs hold of Belle and gently takes her to, presumably, her father. Belle nods heading to a lighted room where Belle's father was on his laptop looking at photos he had previously taken pictures of.

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