There's a lot of freshmans in this class. I notice a couple juniors and a few seniors I know or recognize their faces. Mrs.Duefan's voice is racking my nerves she so annoying it doesn't make any sense. Her voice is high and squeaky like a mouse scratch that it's actually in a category of it's on. I look aimlessly around as she drones on which she's been doing for thirty excruciating long minutes. Like good gracious can she take a break. I'd prefer her to shut the hell up but that's wishful thinking. Each table is two to a seat each desk is a long light brown wooden table.

At the moment the teacher is going over the packets we need to get signed and class rules. Boring. It's three pages too long like ew. I'm allergic to reading temporary mostly out of spite I observe my surroundings I'm going on strike. Times like this I wish I had a phone to make this time bearable. I might as well make small talk with the guy at my table. Oh by the way I tricked Mrs. Teach into letting me sit atleast at the second row of desks to distance myself by claiming I'm far sighted. I got 20 20 vision. That's the right term I think. I can see perfectly fine if I wasn't clear enough. I just didn't want to be that close to her bony skeletor.

"Is it just me or is her voice giving you a headache?" I say letting out a groan.

He held back a laugh "It's not just you. Are you a mind reader I was just thinking that." He lowered his voice rambling incoherently in between a yawn. "Man I'm tired. Should've stayed my ass at home."

"A bad ass huh? What did you do last night?"

"Street racing in the city. Actually it was worth it now that I think back to it. I earned a little cash."

"That's dope never been to a street race before. I'm in need of a new guy best friend the posotions yours, if...I can hold a dollar." I joke only half serious.

"Mommy never tell you not to accept things from strangers." He said catching my drift. This dude is hella cool he just gets my personality which is rare.

"True but I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they give me a reason not to. Plus I don't get the shady vibe from you."

"Guess my name and I'll give it to you. No cheating." he said flipping over the note cards taped to the desk with our names on it. That was a smart move I was just going to look at it one step ahead I see.

"Oh I see met a modern day rumpelstiltskin. Ah this will be fun."

"You got until lunch to figure it out."

"Piece of cake." I confidently say I'm very competitive. I won't give up either. Don't underestimate me it's the worst thing you can do like turning your back on a man eating tiger.

I'm a impulsive person so without even thinking I burst out laughing obnoxiously "Ha ha you're hilarious. That was funny." Subconsciously I came up with a plan that fast. I'm that good.

"What's funny." The teacher turned back to look over her shoulder at a sheet on her desk I'm guessing it's the seating chart. All eyes are on us. No big deal. I'm betting she says our names so...cha ching. A dollar for the vending machines. Yay me. Easy money. Aye! I could use that snack. Thanks for predictable teachers. You can always count on them. "Ariane." She said pronouncing it all wrong she said it like Are+rain. It's pronounced Arion."Cervantes." Jack pot! His name seem harder to pronounce but she said it perfectly. I finally answer her "Aww it's personal I rather not say."

"Quiet down." She hatefully ground out menacingly staring at us both. I ain't never scared, ha. She's going be keeping her eye on us all year but let her watch. I'm quite entertaining. She went back to going over the packet.

When I turn back to Mr. Cervantes who is looking upset that I outsmarted him. His name is really sexy. Cervantes. Its pronounced Servante it unique that's the first time I've heard that name. Like mines I don't know too many Ariane's.

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