Please don't leave david

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Lasercorn's POV

I didn't want to open my eyes because I was too afraid that josh would be able to see me crying I wouldn't have stoped walking if josh didn't put his hands on my shoulders and for a natural reaction I opened my eyes

Third person POV

Josh shoved his lips into David's as
If they were already dating and David wasn't returning the kiss which made josh stop.

Lasercorn's POV

Just stop I know you'r trying to get me to feel better but you don't have to act like you like me


You know when I was thinking David ? yeah David said looking down with a frown. you wanna know what I was thinking about? sure David said with a frown still looking down

Well I was thinking about how I loved someone and that they would never love me and when you ask me why I wouldn't tell made me think about. who do you love asked David? well I mean you were probably joking when you said you loved me but it was you, and if it was anyone else that asked like mari or someone I probably would have told them.

David's POV

Now it was him sitting in shock just thinking (thinking) how could he think I could do something so cruel I love him. Josh said see now you'r thinking about it because... David kissed him and they both knew this was right

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