Happy birthday bae

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Tamara and Isaiah pictures at the top
Isaiah P.O.V
I woke up really early so that I could make the birthday girl some breakfast. I got the pancake mix and the turkey bacon I put the bacon on the stove while I made the pancake mix. when I was finished with the pancakes I made some eggs with cheese. I got her some orange juice. I walked up stairs.
Isaiah: happy birthday babe
Tamara: oh my god thanks bae
Isaiah; no probs
After she finished eating I took her plate and I washed it I text isaic and told him to wake up Ariana so that we could get the plan ready. I went up stairs and Tamara was in the shower.
Tamara P.O.V
After eating I got in the shower I washed with my beautiful day body wash. I washed my face and brushed my teeth then I curled my hair. when I came out the bathroom Isaiah was talking on the phone when he saw me he walked our the room then he came back
Isaiah: hi bae
Tamara: hey
Isaiah: here you and Ariana can go get y'all nails and hair done and go shopping
Tamara: thanks
I put on my black crop top and my light blue high waisted jeans I put my black Michael kors flip flops and I grabbed my black Michel kors purse. when I went downstairs I saw Ariana she had on a maternity maxi dress and her black Michel Kors flip flops like me.
Tamara: jackin my style or nahh
Ariana: bitch please
We walked to the black hummer since it has more space I started the car and Ariana hooked her phone up and we was jammin to feelin my self.
Isaic P.O.V
I know I got a baby on the way but Tamara she is just everything her body is banging when I walked in on her and Isaiah and I saw her completely naked I was in heaven.
I got a text from my sideline
Sideline: babybeh come through
Me: I'm on my way 😍😜😋
I got dressed and I drove to her house I rung the doorbell and she pulled me in kissing me. I picked her up and took her to the room. she continued kissing my neck I took off my shirt and she unbuckled my pants and pulled my boxers and pants off she was jerking my off then she started giving me head like a pro.
Damn girl I grunted
I started thrusting myself in and out of her mouth I held her head still and I realesed In her mouth she took off her clothes and she got on top of me and rode me
Ahh shit girl I grunted
Ohhh fuck daddy she moaned I was starting to get feelings for this girl. I turned us around and started giving her slow deep strokes
Ohhh fuck harder daddy
I started pounding her
Isaic she moaned/screamed
Who's is it
Yours she moaned
I slowed down
Ohh fuck I'm gonna cumm she moaned
Cum foh daddy
She came and I nutted in side of her.
Alexis(sideline): I love you isaic
I thought for a while
Isaiac: I love you too
We took a shower together I put the clothes I had on before so It wouldn't be sus but I changed my underwear. Alexis had on these black leather tights with a red high low shirt and her black and red bred 11s.
Alexis: how I look babe
Isaic: sexy as fuck
We walked out the house to my car Isaiah texted me and told me to meet him at the mall in green lake. when we pulled into the parking lot I opened the door for Alexis. I met Isaiah at the entrance.
Isaiah: who is this
Isaic: my friend Alexis
Isaiah side eyed me and he entered the mall we went to party warehouse
Isaic: what's Tamara favorite color
Isaiah: pink and blue
I picked this big pink chair with a blue canopy over it.
Alexis: who is this for
Isaic: Tamara
Alexis: who's that
Isaic; Isaiah's girlfriend
I also picked out these big ass bags of candy. Isaiah was getting balloons with her face on it we got plates,napkins, cups, and forks. we went up to the cash register and the total was $102.00. Isaiah paid for it and then we went to get the cake. After that we went to forever 21 and got Tamara this cute me colored dress
Isaiah P.O.V
When I got in the car I called Tamia and she said she was at the hall already. when I got there the room looked good there were tables with pink and blue table clothes there was a chocalate fountain, streamers were everywhere. I put the balloons on the walls and some on her chair. everyone dropped there gifts off early so I put gifts around her chair. I went to the bar and put candy In bowls and placed them around the counter. I put the cake on the table and I told isaic to go get the food. when the food came I put it on the table (you know at parties when they put the food in the table above those burner things) we had red rice, ribs, corn, fried chicken, curry chicken, broccoli, fish,and shrimp and for appetizers we had grilled turkey burgers, hotdogs, and sausages. I put the sodas in a cooler behind the bar, we finished everything up and I went home to go change. when I went home Tamara and Ariana were sitting in the couch eating something.
Tamara: bae I missed you
Isaiah: I missed you too here
I gave her the bag and she took the dress out and she smiled. I took a shower in the guest bathroom she took a shower in the master bedroom bathroom I put on my khaki pants and a red plaid shirt. when I went in the room Tamara had on her dress with red heels.
Isaiah: damn bae
Tamara: well look at you
I sprayed some polo cologne and we went outside. Ariana took pictures and we drove to the hall. when we got to the hall Tamara thought we were going to dinner
Tamara P.O.V
When we pulled up to this fancy ass looking restaurant I was excited I help Ariana out and we walked in the lights were turned off I found a light switch and turned it on
Tamara: oh my god Isaiah ypu did this for me
Isaiah: yep and Tamia
Tamara: thank you so much
I was so happy I got a lot if birthday presents I partied I drinked I had a good time
---------------------------------------------- so Isaic cheating and he got a baby on the way?

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