Part I

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The sound rushes through my body.
I feel as if I have escaped into another world.
Can this be such a dream?
These sounds.
These beautiful sounds.
Where do they come from?
These simple headphones shouldn't be able to obtain such a wondrous sound.
Can an instrument really produce such beauty?
It is unmatched to anything I have heard before.
It's an escape from all the noise, yelling, screaming...everything.
I'm lost in a world of beauty unlike any other.
I never want to escape from this world.
This is...this is music.
This is art.
This is beauty.

And then...then the song ends.
And once again I'm lost to the noises, yelling, everything yet again.
It seems to never end.
And again I feel trapped.
Lost to this greater cause that I cannot handle.
I feel like I'm suffocating.
Will these noises ever stop?

And there it is again.
The sound.
The tap of the piano key.
The legato bow stroke of the violin.
A rush of comfort flow through my body.
Is it true?
Have I escaped again?

In these small visits I can escape to another world where everything is right.
Only to be returned to the sorry state that is my life, again and again.

Only so much beauty can be experienced before the darkness returns.

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