Chapter 2

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"I didn't know you sing" Those words ran through my head. Did he not like it? Was it that bad? "Was it. That bad?" "Maddie of course not!! It was absolutely amazing!!" That. Coming from the Ashton Irwin just makes me tingle. "Ya. Mad your really good" Luke Said. The others say absolutely in agreement. I put my stuff away. -1 Week Later- it's been a week. I've lived here for a week and we still haven't gotten to know eachother. "DO I SMELL FOOD?!" I yelled in excitement. I forgot to mention. I LOVE food. It's like my life. Literally. "Ya?" Calum looked at like I was crazy. "Uh sorry. I just really really really love food. It's my life. Literally." I blushed. "Well Mad. I guess me and you have something in common" Luke said. The boys nodded "You both love food." Ashton said. Well. "Guys and gal I think we should get to know Maddie and eachother better. She's been here a week. So I think it's time." Mikey said. "Kk" I jumped over the sofa and landed perfectly. "Ok. Who wants to go first?" I asked. "I will. Ok. Have you ever dyed your hair so many times people told you you were gonna go bald?" Typical Mikey. "No." I answered. "Ok. Now I know this is you know.... My personal thing...but.... Iselfharmedbeforeifoundyou" I said really fast. They all looked at me like I was some creature they've never seen. I just got up and ran to my room. Shut and locked the door. I knew it. I knew they didn't love me from the start. They just acted so I wouldn't feel bad. I thought. They don't really want me.

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