Chapter One

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Todays the day. Well, not technically, but today is the day I drive all the way to Indiana and I'll be in the same city as them. Tomorrow is the official day. I haven't seen the boys live in almost a year, and just knowing that I'll be in the same room as them is good enough for me. Ever since the On the Road Again dates were set I've been determined to meet them. After all they're not even coming to my state, I'm driving a good 12 hours to see them, so I WILL meet them. 2015 is my year. I couldn't sleep last night knowing that me and Adrianna were going to be leaving BY OURSELVES to go see the boys. I'm beyond excited.
I'm packing my bag and screaming the lyrics to Girl Almighty when Adrianna walks in and nearly gives me a heart attack... I thought I was home alone!!
"Moll, you are so lame," she said slamming my bedroom door open. I jumped, but laughed when i realized it was her, "Yeah like no one hears you blaring FOUR through your speakers in the parking lot everywhere you go".

"So are you about ready to go?" Ade continuously asked.

She was never patient. I had to make sure I had EVERYTHING i needed for the concert.

"Gimme a checklist." I said

"Ugh, ok. Ummm, toiletries and chargers?"


"Clothes, including CUTE bras and panties."

She emphasized the cute which made me laugh, "Check!"

"Harry's goodie bag?"

I just gave her a look as if saying, "You know I wouldn't forget that."

"Geez ok, cash?"

I gave her another look because she's my bestfriend and she already knows the answer. Not to brag, but I came from a wealthy family, so even though it was our first year in college, my mom paid off an apartment for us to share at UNCW. She also gave me money to spend on my debit card, $3000 monthly. Adrianna thought I was crazy for spending carefully, but I don't want to seem snobby or greedy. She was pretty wealthy too, honestly.

She laughed, "Oh yeah you're THE Molly McBride, MY BAD."

I couldnt help but laugh too, "Yeah ok, and you're my best friend, THE Adrianna Mahana."

She scrunched up her nose, "Ew! You know I hate my last name. People always ask me my ethnicity after hearing it," she rolled her eyes.

I dont know why it bothered her, she was mixed with Hawaiian, and lemme tell you, she is drop dead gorgeous. She had clear, naturally tan skin, green eyes, and curly dark brown hair. I sure as hell wish I was exotic.

With that being said I rolled my eyes, and we got into the car. I drove a pale yellow bug with a convertible top, which was perfect for the summertime.

I drove the first six hours, and Ade drove the second six hours. It was really fun though, it was like a little road trip, and we just talked and listened to all of the albums on the way there.

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