Megan's POV

I woke up from a peaceful sleep and jumped in the shower .

I washed my body and hair and got out .
I blowdried my hair and put on my the dye bandana and out in sweats with a t-shirt with a hoodie on over it because I knew for a fact I wasn't going anywhere today . And it was currently 11:30

Then I went to the kitchen and got some hot chocolate and sat on the couch to drink it .. My phone buzzed in my pocket and DJ tweeted .. " going to meet the new neighbors wish me luck " then I locked my phone back and thought to myself " lucky neighbors."

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and my mom screamed " I'll get it !!!"

My mom answered the door and I heard her talking to a man and a woman I'm guessing the new neighbors ..

I totally ignored it and texted my best friend I met over twitter Kelly .

Me: hey
Kelly : supp?
Me : aha nothing much chilling. Wyd ?
Kelly: oh you know the usual stalking DJ's Instagram lol ..
Me : cool but you have fun with that I gtg ily babes !
Kelly : ily too babe bye !!

Then I heard my mom scream " megannnnn come here meet the new neighbors " dragging out the n in my name .

So I slowly got up off the couch with my phone in my hand and walked to the door .
" Hi I'm Mary and this is Caleb we just moved in next door " Mary said shaking my hand .
" Hi I'm megan nice to meet you ." I replied
" Yes , your mom was just telling me about you .. But I would like you too meet my sons " she said and Caleb stepped out of the way and I looked at the boy I could see and one I couldn't see clearly . " I would like you to meet my son Jarrett and my oldest so- "I cut her off
"No freaking way"

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