I was happy I was moving . My dad got a new job and we were moving from Connecticut to Florida I was so happy . I was more happy because i have a lot of fans from Florida and I have a fan actually she is my biggest fan ...megan she told me she lives in Florida one day so maybe I could meet her but I highly doubt it because I was moving to a small town called lee in Florida that only about 150 people live in if that ... But I was thinking a lot so I just decided to go to bed well floor because my bed was already in the moving truck on the way to my new house .

After tossing and turning a while u finally fell asleep ..

I woke up from my brother Jarrett shaking me to wake me up . " get up bro we are leaving in 15 minutes!" Jarrett screamed in my ear .

So I got up changed clothes and packed my clothes in my carry on bag and brushed my teeth unplugged my phone from it's charger and stuffed my charger in my bag and my phone in my pocket and went and brushed my teeth real fast . ..

Finally we left the house and were on our way to the airport which was an hour away soo I plugged in my headphones turned on my music and slowly drifted off to sleep .

Jarrett woke me up once again and said we were at the airport so I got my stuff and went inside the airport with my family ..

After an hour of going through security and what not we were finally on the plane so I decided to tweet " on the plane love you guys !" Before turning my phone on airplane mode and drifting off to sleep once again ..

We finally got to our new house after driving two hours from the airport .. ..

We got all the stuff and took it inside and started unpacking and after 10 hours of unpacking stuff we were finally done but I was 3 am and my dad said for everyone to go to bed because tomorrow afternoon we were going to meet our new neighbors . Yay .. Not !
So I trudged my way to my room and plopped down on my bed and instantly fell asleep ..

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