Megan's POV

I had just got out of the shower now I was gettin on younow because my favorite younower tweeted he was fixing to broadcast ..

"DJTHESUPERIOR IS LIVE !! You gonna watch ?! "My phone got a notification ..

Of course I was gonna watch so I got on younow and there he was DJ .

"Hi guys I know I don't usually get on on Sundays because it's my update days for YouTube but I have really big news ... Im moving .. I'm not gonna tell you where because then it wouldn't be as uprise but yeah .. Soo that's all I wanted to say .. So yeah " then he say there for a few minutes trying to decide what to say so I commented ..
"DJ I love you I'm happy your moving if you are happy if not boo but I hope you live closer to me so I can meet you !!"

Then he started reading comments then he read my comment out loud and said " awe megan thanks me to because I totally want to meet you so yeah and u love you too." I was so happy he replied to what I said and I was even more happy because he remembered my name because my username is mego_thoee an one time I said can you say I love you megan and he said it and he has remembered my name every since and I've been so happy but yeah ...

" well guys I have to finish packing I'm leaving tomorrow so I will see you guys soon !" Then DJ ended the broadcast . And I was tired so I went to bed ..

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