In Banaras - Part 5 ✴✴✴✴✴

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Aisha POV

*knock* *knock*

"Aisha, wake up!!!!!" Niren said, outside my door. I woke up upon hearing his voice. I yawned a rubbed my eyes, then my eyes widened. I looked to see what was the time, I looked at the clock on the wall opposite me. "Half past six!! And I'm not grumpy?!" I soon pulled out a mirror and looked at my face.

      "What the hell is wrong with me?!!!" I said to myself. Actually if anyone would wake me up at half six I would have gotten up grumpy and half asleep, but this morning I actually wanted to get up, I wasn't grumpy or still sleepy, I was excited. I don't know why.

       I happily got up from my bed and took a shower. I soon came out of the bathroom wearing a red salwar kameez. Put my hair in a pony tail and skipped down the stairs. "Aahh!" I yelled, because I tripped on the last step, and fell.

        I didn't feel like I was hurt, then I remembered that the last time I fell, Rahul did catch me but this time I didn't feel no arms around me. "Open your eyes!!!! There's a surprise for you!!!" Said the voice. I opened my eyes to see Rahul.

     He was staring into my eyes, making me feel a warm feeling inside. Then I saw that we were on the floor. Apparently, when I fell, he was near and I fell on him.

     I soon got up, and pass my hand on my clothes to remove Amy kind of dust or dirt. "Uh, sorry!" I said, looking at the ground. "I- Its okay!" And then he left and went in his room.

       I then walked over to where everyone was seated. "Good morning!!" I said in a chirpy voice. Niren looked at his watch then at me, "Oh God!! It's only 7:00a.m. and you are are awake and that too,not grump!!!" I rolled my eyes at him.

           "So... Why did you all wake me up and told me to get ready and come down here?!" I asked, looking around. "Uh, one minute, Rahul!!! Can you come down for a minute please!!!" Mom shouted. As I heard her shouted Rahul's name, I soon got goose bumps.

         He then came and sat on the side of me. As he dropped down on the couch, our shoulders touched making my heart beat a little faster. "Take your time, you don't want to catch a heart attack!!!" Said the voice, making my cheeks burn up from blushing.

             "Ok, so now that everyone's here, I would like to announce.... We all came to this decision, and everyone is happy, and Niren and Seema, is, going to.... Get, ENGAGED!!!!!" Aunt Ria said.

            "Oh my God!!!! Bhai!!! (Brother)" I said, getting up and hugging Niren. Everyone got up too and hugged each other. Then I saw Rahul coming closer to me for a hug. As I saw him opening his arms my heart beat went as twice as fast. "Oh my god, he's pulling you in for a hug!!!!" Said the voice. And as soon as I go to hug him, Shanaya came in front of me and hugged him instead. "Uhh, where the hell did she came from?!!!!!!" Said the voice in a frustrated tone. Then she turned around to face me, "Oops, didn't saw you there!" Shanaya said with a little bit of sarcasm in her voice. I then flashed her a fake smile and turned around.

           As soon as I turned around, I felt someone grabbed my left wrist. I turned around to see and it was Rahul, "Uh, congrats?!" He said, scratching the back of his head with his other hand. I smiled, "Yea, congrats!" And then suddenly he pulled me in a hug, "Ooooh, and there's the hug!!!!!" The voice said.

Rahul POV

   After the little accident by the stairs with Aisha, I soon couldn't control my feelings.... I-I think, I think... I love her. Then when we was about to hug the bitch came in between, I didn't even saw when she came, but the best part was when I hugged Aisha, it felt... Right, like it fit just perfect. *sighs*

Aisha POV

The whole day passed by very quickly. Everyone was happy and had already started making preparations for the wedding. It was already 9:00p.m. and I was very tired, so I quickly took a shower and hit my bed. I picked up my phone to set an alarm because I have to get up early to help everyone prepare, when I saw another missed call from an unknown number. "What the hell?!" I said to myself, but I quickly put it down and went to sleep. The whole night there was only one thing on my mind.... Rahul and only Rahul. *sighs*


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