Harry realizes many things as the party goes on, and he dances with Louis in the middle of the throng of pulsing bodies.

1. He's lost Liam. He realized this one quite a bit ago, but it doesn't cease to give him a feeling of rising panic every time he finds that he can't find his friend. Harry feels like a lost puppy, and a very drunk one at that.

2. The house is awfully large. It was big before, but now it seems like a never-ending expanse of room on all sides of him, and the thought makes Harry feel even more uncoordinated, if that's possible.

3. Zayn is still standing at the edge of the crowd, still watching Harry with narrowed eyes. Harry doesn't know if it's the alcohol or anger, but he scoots closer and pushes his hips into Louis'. He sees Zayn's eyes follow his every movement, and he watches as Zayn's jaw clenches and unclenches, and then clenches again. Louis sees this as an invitation, so he leans into Harry and grinds against him, attaching his lips to Harry's neck. Harry stumbles back a bit, but Louis doesn't notice. His arms go around Harry's neck in an effort to get closer to him. Harry knows he led Louis on, but he doesn't want any of this. He streaks his hand against the side of Louis' face in an effort to find his ear. When he finally does, he leans into it.

"I gotta goto the bafroom," Harry slurs, narrowly avoiding tripping over his own shoes. Louis nods and says something, but Harry can't hear him over the music. He detaches himself from Louis and makes his way out of the crowd. When he's out of the midst of the dancefloor, Harry finds that he has no idea where he's going whatsoever--he wouldn't even if he wasn't drunk--and that on top of losing Liam, he's lost Louis now, too.

"Do you need help finding something?" A voice behind Harry asks. Harry turns around to see a boy, taller than him, with a blond faux hawk. Harry nods eagerly.

"Yeah, bafroom," Harry says, trying to focus his eyes on the person standing in front of him. He feels like the boy is standing really close to him. Too close, Harry thinks, for comfort. But he isn't sure.

"I'll take you to the bathroom, yeah," the boy says. There's something sinister about the way he's looking at Harry, "but you gotta do something for me first." Now Harry is sure that the boy is standing way too close. Harry tries to turn away, but realizes that: 4. He is trapped against a wall. The boy's arms are on both sides of Harry, and he suddenly finds himself wishing he had never run away from his old house in Redditch Harry figures that: 5. His situation much be pretty desperate if he's starting to think like that. He tries to drunkenly push the boy off of him, but he seems have an uncanny ability to hold down drunk people. How does one even go about learning that? Harry wonders, but as soon as he thinks it, he comes to the conclusion that 6. He could really do without knowing. The boys hands are up Harry's shirt, and Harry knows that if he weren't so very, very intoxicated, he would have screamed by now. Not that anyone would have heard him over the music, but he would have. Harry tries his best to squirm from left to right, making it as hard as possible for the boy to keep his grip on him.

"Hold still," the boy says through gritted teeth, bringing his body closer to Harry's. Harry has no intention of listening to the boy, but when he hears the malice and danger in the boy's voice, he shrinks back a bit. Harry's been treating the situation with a detached air, as if it wasn't really happening, but now it hits him like a train 7. He's in a dark place with a boy he doesn't know, in a place he's never been, surrounded completely by strangers. Harry's alone, and he's about to be forced into doing something that he doesn't want to do at all. Harry goes limp at this realization, and, at this, the boy grins and starts to unbuckle Harry's belt. As soon as he gets the belt loose, all hell breaks loose. Harry kicks and screams and punches again and again, hitting skin randomly. The boy is knocked back, and Harry takes his opportunity to escape. He draws himself up and tries to run, but he's still terribly drunk, and he trips over his shoe. The boy recovers and comes up behind Harry, looking angry.

"You little bitch," he says, spit foaming at the edge of his mouth. He grabs Harry's arm and shoves him against the wall again. Harry closes his eyes and braces himself for impact, but it never comes. He opens his eyes to see the blond boy lying on the ground, groaning as he's punched over and over again. Blood spurts from his nose and mouth as the blond boy's attacker delivers blow after blow. Only when the boy lifts a hand for mercy does the attacker stop.

"Now you can look like the sick fucker you are on the inside," he says, giving the blond boy a final kick to his side. Harry stands back against the wall, trying to focus past his daze to realize that 8. He still really has to pee and 9. His saviour is Zayn.


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