Chapter 4

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I reluctantly walk into the cafeteria with Cole. He tries to start small talk with me, probably so lunch won't be awkward between us. "So, how was your summer?" he asks.

"Really? You're really gonna ask me that?" I demand.

"Look, I'm really sorry. I really wanna get to know you." he pleads.

Cole's eyes are so trained on me to see what my response will be that he's not even watching where he's going. All of a sudden, Cole runs into a girl carrying chili on a lunch tray. The questionable lunch room chili lands right in the middle of Cole's shirt.

I laugh as I say, "OK, fine. You got your revenge. I'll forgive you!"

"Com'on, come to the bathroom with her to help me clean this up," he says.

As we approach the bathroom I say, "I'll wait for you out here."

"No! Come in with me! There's no one in the bathroom. I checked, don't worry," he exclaimed.

"Fine. I'll help you, but only because I want to see what it looks like inside a boy's bathroom!" I reply.

We walk into the bathroom and I help him clean his shirt when I tell him, "You know, you're still gonna have a really gross stain on your shirt."

"Thanks Captain Obvious, you shouldn't be laughing this is your fault" he says with a smirk.

"My fault?! How is this at all my fault." I retort.

"Well, I couldn't look where I was going because I was looking at you. You're gorgeous, you know." he says shyly. "Sorry, you don't have to respond to that".Next thing I knew I was leaning in and kissing Cole.

"Well that was unexpected", Cole chuckled as I pulled away only to have him pull me in for another kiss.

The sound of footsteps interrupts us in turn to see a random guy walking into the bathroom. "Uhh...I'll come back later," says the guy.

I feel my cheeks start to get warm as I tell Cole, "I'll see you later."

"I'll actually call you back this time," he jokingly responds.

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